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4 Benefits Of Installing Residential Awnings

Posted on Friday, April 20th, 2012 at 2:13 am.

Are you searching for ways to enhance the exterior beauty and style of your home? If yes, one way to tremendously improve the look and appeal of your home exterior is installing awnings.  Awnings will increase the beauty, style, and living space of your home while saving you on cooling cost. Read this article to learn about four benefits residential awnings can offer you as a homeowner.


Improving Your Home Exterior Color and Style

Residential awnings come in a range of colors, shapes and styles. When picking awnings for your home, you want to select the right patterns, colors and styles.  Since there are so many different types of awnings, you have the opportunity to use awnings on your patios, entryways, windows and virtually any other area of your home.


Awnings Give Energy Savings

If you need to save more money on your energy bills, it is a good idea to install awnings on your home. Awnings lower your energy bills because they provide shade for your windows and prevent heat and moisture elements from trapping into your home. In fact, The American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers and The National Bureau of Standards have conducted studies that have revealed awnings are capable of reducing interior heat in homes by 65% when windows are facing south and 77% for windows facing west.


Awnings Expand Living Space

With awnings you can increase your living space by adding a canopy to areas such as a home deck or patio. Your living space increases because you are able to extend the seasons you can use your home outdoor space – rain or shine.


Awnings Can Protect Your Residential Property

If you use an awning to protect a vulnerable area such as your patio, you will be protecting your residential property investment for years to come.  For example, patio awning helps prevent UV damage on decks, patio furniture, and even interior carpeting and furnishings.


Carroll Awning is here to help you pick the right residential awnings for your home.


Our residential awnings enhance the architecture of any home and turn it into something special. Our custom awnings will help shade your windows, protect interior furnishings and help control inside temperatures as much as 15 degrees. We will always have you covered on the inside and outside!
Custom manufactured awnings contoured to the layout of your deck.
Choose from a wide array of fabric colors and patterns to fit your needs. Our awning materials are manufactured to be extremely durable and withstand harsh winters, hot sun, rain and strong winds, depending on the application.

Winter Storage Service
To really preserve your awnings, we offer a winter storage service to protect them from the harshest months’ wear and tear. Every year we take hundreds of awnings down in the fall, store them through the winter and re-install in the spring. Call us for more information on this optional service, for the small fee it can really extend the life of your awning investment.

Residential design applications include, but are not limited to:

-Windows (Lift style, stationary or retractable awnings)
-Doors (Stationary awning)
-Patios / Decks (Stationary or retractable awning)
-Rear Basement Stairway (Canopy awning)


If you need designing and manufacturing of custom awnings, hire Carroll Awning Company.


Through our combined locations and experience, Carroll Awning Company provides innovative craftsmanship, superb service, competitive pricing and unfailing attention to details in order to deliver a product that exceeds expectations.


A satisfied customer is always our first priority. We work with each of our customers to design an awning or canopy product that meets all the requirements of the situation. Thousands of projects and satisfied, repeat customers have taught us price is a primary concern but not the only concern. Therefore, quality and longevity of your awning are important factors in determining the true cost of the product. Material costs vary greatly and reflect the life expectancy and warrant they carry.


We can help you determine which products will provide the truly cost effective awning. For more information, fabric swatches and free quotation call Carroll Awning at 1-800-999-5617 or click here today!


Awnings can be used to advertise a business, beautify a building or home, offer shelter from the weather or control energy costs — or all of these things at once. We custom make many different kinds of awnings for many different clients, both commercial and residential. Let Carroll Awning serve you.


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