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4 Styles of Washington DC Home Entrance Awnings

Posted on Thursday, June 1st, 2023 at 10:26 am.
carroll architectural shade washington dc home entrance awnings

A stationary awning is just one style you can consider for your Washington DC home entrance awning.

Adding an awning to the entrance of your home is an efficient way to instantly boost your exterior’s aesthetic appeal while enjoying practical benefits. In a vibrant and historic city such as Washington, DC, selecting the right home entrance awning can significantly impact the overall appearance of your residence. If you are ready to install a custom shade product with Carroll Architectural Shade, consider which of the following appealing styles of Washington DC home entrance awnings will suit your property best. 

Classic Stationary Awnings 

Classic stationary awnings are a timeless choice for Washington, DC homeowners. Stationary awnings are affixed to your home and extend outward. They can feature a graceful curve or straight sloping design as they extend to cover your entrance. Your new awning from Carroll Architectural Shade will be built with a sturdy metal frame and covered in durable fabric. You can select from a wide range of colors and patterns to find the style that perfectly complements your home design. Once installed, your awning will remain extended to provide consistent shade and weather protection. 

Modern Retractable Awnings 

If you are seeking more contemporary and flexible Washington DC home entrance awnings, retractable may be the answer. Retractable awnings feature a motorized or manual mechanism that allows the homeowner to retract or extend their awning as desired. These awnings are ideal if your residence is of a modern architectural style, as the retractable awnings blend seamlessly with clean lines and minimal aesthetics. Retractable awnings can provide shade and protection from rain storms during the summer and allow for unobstructed views of your surroundings when retracted. 

Elegant Dome Awnings

Consider dome awnings if you want to add a touch of elegant, European-style charm to your Washington, DC, home’s entrance. These awnings feature a rounded, dome-like shape that adds an extra touch of sophistication to your residence. Dome awnings are built with sturdy materials that ensure their durability against the elements. The unique shape of these products provides a distinctive look, making them a focal point that creates an inviting entrance to your home. 

Colonial-Style Quarter-Round Awnings

If you’re inspired by the historical charm of Washington, DC’s past, quarter-round awnings are an excellent choice. These awnings feature a quarter-circle shape that beautifully complements homes with colonial or Federal-style architecture. Quarter-round awnings from Carroll Architectural Shade are built from the same sturdy metal and fabrics as the rest of our awnings and can be customized to suit your home. With their elegant and understated design, these entrance awnings will effortlessly blend into the city’s architecture while providing shade, shelter, and unbeatable curb appeal. 

If these Washington, DC, home entrance awnings sound appealing to you, contact Carroll Architectural Shade today to learn more. Our experienced designers can recommend the best design to suit your property. 


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