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7 Awning Benefits You Might Not Have Considered

Posted on Thursday, May 18th, 2023 at 9:50 am.
carroll architectural shade awning benefits

There are many awning benefits to be enjoyed with a new installation.

Most property owners first choose to install new awnings to add shade to their outdoor spaces. Awnings create that comfort you desire over your patio or deck, so you can enjoy the outdoors without sunlight beaming down on you. However, shading is not the only reason more and more people are choosing to install attractive awnings. There are plenty of awning benefits that you may not have considered yet. If you are interested in new awnings from Carroll Architectural Shade, keep reading to discover how your awnings can transform your living space. 

Awnings Block Harmful UV Rays

Bright sunlight can be annoying, but the invisible UVA and UVB rays within the sunlight can also be harmful. A high-quality awning fabric won’t just block the light but also 97-100% of UVA and UVB rays. This means you can spend your days outdoors without damaging your skin. 

Temperature Control 

Cold water and fans can only get you so far on the hottest days of the year. When you have to be outside during those days, your awning can keep the temperature of your seating area 20 degrees lower than the surrounding environment. This means you can relax comfortably outdoors even when the high temperatures of summer arrive. 

Increased Privacy 

A new awning benefits your comfort beyond providing shade. Awnings can add some extra privacy, especially if you add side blinds or drop-down valances to extend the coverage to the front and sides of your awning. 

Control Your Inside Environment

Your new awning benefits not just your outdoor environment but your indoor space as well. Placing awnings over your windows or French doors will shade your home’s interior and exterior. By blocking the direct sunlight from entering your home through glass doors or windows, the awning will eliminate glares on your TVs or computers and prevent your home from heating up quickly from the sun. 

This means awnings are more effective than curtains or shutters and don’t disrupt your views either. You can rely less on your air conditioning and ceiling fans in the summer when your awning cuts down on the heat that enters your home.

Extend Your Living Space

A new awning transforms the appearance of your outdoor space, but it also gives the impression of a larger living area that creates a more seamless transition between inside and out. This means you can extend your living space into your outdoor space. You now have the freedom to add comfy outdoor furniture and accessories to your patio or deck, and move between these spaces when hosting friends and family. Now that your awning makes these spaces easy to enjoy, you will want to get outside as much as possible. 

Protect Your Furniture 

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade your outdoor furniture, leading to faded colors and sun-bleached fabrics. By blocking the UV radiation with a new awning, your furnishings will remain looking their best, and your investment will be more worthwhile. Patio tables and chairs are also safe from rain showers, so you don’t have to avoid wet furniture after a storm. 

All-Weather Protection 

New awnings benefit you year-round, not just in the summer. High-quality awnings from Carroll Architectural Shade can protect you from sunlight, rain, and light hail. Depending on your awning style, it can also protect you from snowfall in the winter. Throughout the year, your awning keeps your outdoor space free from debris from surrounding trees and plants, so you can always keep your living area comfortable.


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