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4 Different Ways to Add Patio Shade to Your Arlington Home

Posted on Thursday, June 22nd, 2023 at 9:53 am.
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Add patio shade to your Arlington home with Carroll Architectural Shade.

Summertime is an excellent time to enjoy life out on your patio. However, the hot summer sun can become uncomfortable and even dangerous if you’re exposed to it directly for too long. If you want to create a more comfortable outdoor living space for your family members, friends, and pets, adding patio shade with new awnings is best. Carroll Architectural Shade awning designers are ready to help you create the best awnings for your Arlington home and patio. We can help you determine which of the following patio shade products and methods are best for your continued comfort. 

Install a Retractable Patio Awning 

One of the most popular patio shade products is a retractable awning. With retractable awnings, you have all the control. You can extend your awning and enjoy the refreshing shade on the sunniest days. On cloudy days or when autumn rolls around, you can close up your awning to enjoy the direct sunlight. Retractable awnings are also useful for windy days, so you can close your awning and protect it from damage. You can decide whether to install a handheld crank or use a motor to retract your awning. There are plenty of options to explore and endless versatility to enjoy. 

Design a Custom Canopy

If you want to add something unique, beautiful, and long-lasting to your Arlington home patio, install a custom canopy from Carroll Architectural Shade. Canopies are stationary and are designed to match your home design seamlessly. Your patio canopy will provide you with shade, as well as a beautiful home accessory that boosts home value and provides some extra cost savings by shading your interior and cooling spaces naturally. 

Invest in Drop Shades 

During the hottest months, doors and windows are the largest culprits for letting heat into your home and raising the internal temperatures. The main benefit of drop shades is that you can block the heat when you want to keep your home cool and let the heat in when you need some warmth. You can use them to cool the interior rooms adjacent to your patio for extended, comfortable living space.

Instead of using curtains or awkward interior blinds, drop shades provide a layer between the sunlight and your interiors. However, they don’t completely block your view or all light coming in. It’s a stylish, sleek compromise for those who want to enjoy the sunshine and warmth without heating their home and becoming uncomfortable. 

Select The Best Fabric 

Creating the best patio shade for your Arlington home can depend on the fabric you choose. Carroll Architectural Shade designers use the best materials that are easy to clean and fade-resistant so that you can maintain a beautiful awning for years. You can also explore a range of colors and patterns to create an awning that adds beauty and style to your existing Arlington home. 

When you design your new awnings with Carroll Architectural Shade, you can trust that your patio shade will be comfortable, consistent, and long-lasting. 


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