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Are Stationary Awnings Right For Your Home?

Posted on Thursday, August 4th, 2022 at 9:38 am.
carroll architectural shade stationary awnings

Stationary awnings can be a wonderful addition to your home.

Enjoying natural sunlight and warmth during the summer can be a great way to pass the time. However, that sunlight comes with a few drawbacks: the heat that builds up inside your home and the glare on surfaces that often appears can make the sunlight much more of a nuisance than you would like. Direct sun exposure can also fade fabrics, window coverings, and floors. Your air conditioning feels the strain as it struggles to keep your house cool even as hot sunlight pours in. Decreasing these adverse effects is why many homeowners install stationary awnings on their property. When you design stationary awnings with Carroll Architectural Shade, you can trust that you will receive durable and fashionable awnings that make your home more comfortable. If you aren’t sure whether these awnings are suitable for your home, read on to learn more about these products. 

Where Can You Install Stationary Awnings?

There are many factors to consider before designing and installing new awnings. If you have never purchased awnings before, considering these questions is even more critical. 

For instance, you will want to start with first understanding the many uses of awnings. They are not merely decorative but convenient and functional throughout your home. 

While colorful awnings can make an impression and boost your curb appeal, awnings provide shade and protection from the elements. This is why many people choose to install stationary awnings above windows and doorways, particularly on the front of their house, to create a uniform, appealing design. 

Which Awning Is Right For You?

Every home is different, so it is important to focus on which awnings are best for your property. Consider your lifestyle and the region in which you live. If your family loves to spend time outdoors in the summer but is often bothered by the harsh sun, installing a durable patio or deck awning can provide the comfort you need for outdoor activities. 

If you receive frequent rainstorms, you want to make sure your awning fabric is waterproof and is resistant to developing mold and collecting debris. 

Why Choose Stationary Awnings?

Stationary awnings, or awnings that stay in place and are not retractable, often appeal to people with a small patio area or who wish to shade windows and doors. They also work well for families who don’t spend a significant amount of time outdoors. 

Before installing your new awnings, consider which areas of your home need the most sun protection. Consider which entrances or windows receive the most traffic or direct sunlight. When you place stationary awnings there, you can install them without worrying about changing their placement again. Stationary awnings can be a convenient, practical, and appealing solution for many homes. If you need extra shade and comfort, explore your awning possibilities with Carroll Architectural Shade.


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