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carroll architectural shade add shade to your pool

4 Ways to Add Shade to Your Pool

Pools are essential to summer fun, keeping families and homeowners outdoors, entertained, and comfortable during the hottest days. However, sometimes you want a little extra shade over parts of your pool so you can enjoy this appealing feature without exposing yourself to direct sunlight for hours. Installing a shade structure over your pool can provide

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carroll architectural shade interior shading window awnings

5 Benefits of Interior Shading Provided by Window Awnings

In the past, curtains and blinds were considered the best way to prevent excess sunlight and heat from pouring into your home. However, those implements can be a hassle: you have to clean off dust and eliminate musty odors from curtains. Fortunately, there is another option: awnings. When installing awnings over your windows, you can

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carroll architectural shade awning materials

Awning Materials: What to Consider When Making Your Choice

When you design your new awnings with Carroll Architectural Shade, one of the major choices to make is which awning material to use. To find the best material or fabric for your awnings, you will want to consider factors like durability, water resistance, and UV protection. The location of your property and the purpose of

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carroll architectural shade design custom commercial awnings

5 Reasons to Design Your Custom Commercial Awnings

If you are a business owner looking for effective ways to increase your store visibility and appeal, adding custom awnings is an excellent way to do just that. However, while it may seem easy to find a generic pre-designed awning to hang on your building, we always recommend designing custom commercial awnings with the experts.

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carroll architectural shade patio awning ideas

4 Patio Awning Ideas

A patio is a wonderful outdoor space that can make enjoying your backyard easier than ever. But what makes a patio even better is an awning. Patio awnings provide shade as well as style and ensure that you never get too hot or uncomfortable when enjoying your outdoor space. But which awnings might be best

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carroll architectural shade life under an awning this summer

How to Enjoy Life Under an Awning This Summer

Part of the joy of installing a new awning on your home is that this shade product makes life outdoors so much nicer. Whether you want to enjoy a dinner on your patio, relax in the shade with your pets or children, or create the perfect climate for your garden, a new awning can make

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carroll architectural shade build a carport

5 Reasons to Build a Carport with Carroll Architectural Shade

While you may know that you can design awnings for your front door and back patio with Carroll Architectural Shade, do you also know that you can build a sturdy carport? Our aluminum awnings are especially suitable for these driveway covers. When you install a carport, you can provide a range of benefits to both

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carroll architectural shade shade products

What Shade Products Can You Design with Carroll Architectural Shade?

Since the 1950s, Carroll Architectural Shade has provided awnings and shade products to commercial and residential property owners throughout Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia. Our excellent customer service and range of products are key to keeping our customers satisfied for these many decades. So, what shade products can you design and install with Carroll Architectural

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carroll architectural shade backyard aluminum awnings

The Unique Benefits of Backyard Aluminum Awnings

Spring and summer can bring some wonderful temperatures and sunshine-filled days to homeowners in Maryland. However, those same seasons can bring unexpected storms and heavy winds. If you want to spend more time outdoors, building a backyard patio aluminum awning can help you enjoy the excellent weather and avoid damage from the bad weather. If

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carroll architectural shade invest in a business awning

4 Reasons to Invest in a Business Awning

When creating a business, you will likely spend a fair amount of time determining how your business will look. After all, your storefront or entrance will be the first impression almost every customer gets of your business. Your building design can convey not only what your services are and what kind of company you have

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