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Businesses that Benefit from Commercial Awnings

Posted on Thursday, June 25th, 2015 at 8:52 pm.
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Commercial awnings are a great addition for many different industries.

Awnings help us to enjoy those long summer days, but we often overlook how commercial awnings play an important role for certain businesses. From UV protection, to reducing energy costs, there are plenty of reasons for a business owner to invest in a metal awning. While every company can benefit from a little extra shade, there are some distinct businesses that can gain great value from adding a commercial awning.

Retirement Homes and Facilities

For retirement homes and communities, it’s nice to provide residents with a commercial awning. Whether it’s just for a little fresh air or to enjoy a family visit, residents in a retirement home like to have the option of spending time outdoors. In areas with heavy rainfall or extreme heat, it can be difficult for senior citizens to bare the elements. With a commercial awning, however, you can help people spend time outside. Even if it is only for a few minutes, some fresh air will always help to put residents in a good mood.

Bus Stations

Whether you’re in the early parts of your travels or it’s coming to an end, traveling can be absolutely exhausting. Waiting around is inevitable when you’re at a bus stop or bus station, but the weather can make the experience much worse. Whether it’s 100° or it’s pouring down rain (or both!), dealing with the elements is an extra ordeal that no one wants to accept. With a commercial awning, bus stations and stops help to provide temporary sanctuary for patrons until the bus arrives. This also helps keep the bus cleaner, as people aren’t loading their soaking luggage onto the bus.


The hotel industry is all about hospitality, so people expect to be accommodated accordingly when they check into a hotel. Similarly to the bus stop, people hate hauling their luggage around in bad weather. A commercial awning allows guests relief from adverse weather conditions, and it also creates a spot where people can wait for valets and their cars. The right metal awning can also create a very compelling aesthetic appeal for travelers looking for a spot to spend the night.


Aside from allowing people a chance to enjoy the weather, commercial awnings can also serve a very serious role when it comes to emergencies. Someone arriving to a hospital in an ambulance needs to be protected from the elements. Heavy rain or blistering heat only serves to create additional stress and make things worse, so it’s important to have protection for anyone who arrives to a hospital.

Commercial awnings are able to serve a variety of needs, and your customers and clients will appreciate the aesthetics and functionality of metal awnings.

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