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How Can a Commercial Awnings Boost Business?

Posted on Friday, January 16th, 2015 at 7:58 pm.

A storefront is the first thing that a customer sees when approaching any business.  Shops, restaurants, and service providers all need to display a strong front when drawing customers or they won’t do any business.  A bland or unattractive storefront repels consumers.  One way to quickly improve a store’s façade is to install a commercial awning with an attractive design that represents the business.  This goes for restaurant awnings, as well, with the added benefit that a restaurant awning can provide protection for the diners during days with bright sunshine.

Commercial-storefront-awningA Commercial Success

Awnings are attractive and convenient fabric covers made to block sunshine and display aesthetic designs.  Less costly than attaching roof extensions to a building and pore flexible in terms of design, any storefront can benefit from a well-designed awning.  They also hang above head height, meaning that they can attract attention without impeding foot traffic like ground-based signs.  Restaurant awnings in particular also have lips on them that bear an eatery’s logo, making it easier for people walking by to understand the service provided by the particular building.  Commercial awnings have more effects than acting as good street-view publicity.  They reduce the sunlight hitting the building, which reduces energy costs since climate control doesn’t need to work as hard.  This makes the building more environmentally-friendly as well, which is a growing draw for customers.  This extends particularly to restaurants, where awnings can provide comfortable outdoor seating in addition to a cooler indoor setting, which increases the facility’s capacity and adds visibility to the type of business and the kinds of foods they serve.  Awnings can also keep out rain and snow.  While customers may not like to eat outside during the winter, some people enjoy the atmosphere of a rainy day and will still eat outside during wet summer days.  Restaurant awnings can allow this, meaning that customers can enjoy the eatery’s fare in their choice environment.

Brand Visibility through Fabric

The chief purpose of a commercial awning is to advertise at the street level and draw in consumers with attractive colors, patterns, and logos.  However, they serve a more subtle purpose that is just as important: they can help people actively looking for the business find it among the cluttered streets of a city.  When businesses cluster together among crowded city buildings, any given shop will find itself lost among the pack.  An awning will even stand out among multiple other awnings due to the differences in color between each canvas.  The costs of installation can quickly resolve themselves, taking as little as four weeks to recover the spent money.  A simple stretch of fabric can really brighten up any shop or restaurant with ease.

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