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Choosing the Best Color for Your New Awning

Posted on Friday, January 26th, 2018 at 9:13 pm.
Color Awnings

Choosing a color for your new awning can be difficult. Use this guide for help!

When it comes to designing the perfect awning for your home or business, one of the biggest decisions that you will make is the perfect color! Whether you want a retractable awning or a permanent awning, the right color will make your awning a gorgeous addition to the outside of your home. Here are some of our best tips for choosing the best color for your new awning.

Think About Your Home

What does the outside of your home look like? You should always choose an awning color that will blend in with your architectural and exterior design style:

  • Traditional homes: forest green, deep navy blue, and neutrals
  • Cottage style homes: striped awnings in any variety of fun shades
  • Colonial homes: A neutral-tones awning or striped awning
  • Tan homes: blue or green awning
  • White homes: any color, including more adventurous shades like yellow

You should always pick a pattern that isn’t too big or small when compared to the size and shape of your home. It’s never a good idea to choose something that will overwhelm your home, so be careful when selecting a shade and a pattern.

It’s also important to consider what you want to use the awning for. If your primary goal is to block out heat and light from the sun, you should choose a lighter color that will reflect sunlight instead of absorbing it.

Additional Considerations

When thinking about what color will be right for your awning, you should also take into account:

  • What colors are more likely to fade? Red awnings typically fade faster than other shades.
  • What colors are less likely to fade? Shades like yellow, blue, and green.
  • Which colors hide stains the best? Black awnings are the best at hiding stains, but they are not necessarily the prettiest to look at. Red, green, blue, and brown awnings all hide stains well.

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