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Comparing Motorized and Manual Retractable Awnings

Posted on Friday, August 26th, 2016 at 1:21 pm.
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Both manual and motorized retractable awnings have their own unique benefits.

You know the benefits of owning an awning for your commercial or residential property, but now you have to choose between a motorized or manual retractable awning for your beautiful new installation. Retractable awnings are great for businesses and homes, as they can be taken down and stored when they aren’t actively in use. Whether your awning is prominently placed on Main Street proudly displaying your business’s name or framing your patio and providing much-needed shade, there are different pros and cons to both awning types.

Motorized Retractable Awnings

Motorized retractable awnings have numerous advantages for your home or business.

  • The awning unfurls when the electric motor is activated, so you won’t have to get your hands dirty (or tired) opening up your awning
  • Your retractable awning takes much less time to open and close, as the process is automated
  • Motorized retractable awnings tend to look more modern, whether they are used in a residential or commercial context
  • Sensors can be installed as part of your retractable awning package. These sensors can detect wind and immediately begin to retract your awning to protect its structural integrity. Other sensors can be installed to detect sunlight and help keep your home cool and shady during the sunniest parts of the day.

Manual Retractable Awnings

Manual retractable awnings also have many different benefits, especially when looking ahead at the lifespan of your awning.

  • Manual retractable awnings don’t require much strength, so they may not need to be automatically ruled out for non-bodybuilders
  • When the power goes out after a summer storm, you can still put out your awning to keep you (and your home) cool
  • You will not have to conduct as much maintenance on your retractable awning, as there is no machinery that will need to be repaired or replaced over time
  • Manual awnings are typically less expensive than motorized awnings
  • The vertical rods that are part of the structure of manual retractable awnings provide additional support

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