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Everything to Consider Before Designing a Commercial Awning

Posted on Thursday, April 21st, 2022 at 10:06 am.
carroll architectural shade designing a commercial awning

Consider these factors before designing a commercial awning that suits your building.

As you drive or walk down a street, you may not notice everything about the businesses you pass, but you do notice their awnings. The fabric coverings hanging over the front of each business can instantly communicate the name or services of a shop while creating something visually appealing. If you want to benefit from the many practical benefits of awnings, you will have to consider the following factors before designing a commercial awning. The professionals at Carroll Architectural Shade can walk you through your options when you’re ready to see your awning come to life. 

Style of Awning

Like any addition to your property, awnings come in many different styles. You can choose from a range of options when designing a commercial awning to create one best for your building’s appearance. Some popular styles include: 

  • Canopy – a traditional, iconic look
  • Dome – popular for doors and windows
  • Free Standing – does not need to be attached to your building
  • Traditional – stationary or retractable 
  • Elongated Dome – same as the dome, but used to cover an extended area

Operation of the Awning

Another important consideration is whether your awning will be stationary or retractable. A retractable awning moves by hand or motor and can retract, so it is rolled up and against the building. This awning type is best for when you want the option of no coverage. A stationary awning does not move once it is installed. 

If you are designing a commercial awning intended to advertise your business, you will benefit more from a stationary awning. If you are covering an outdoor dining area, you may prefer retractable. 

Awning Design Features

Once you know the different styles of awnings, you can consider the additional design features for your commercial awning. Your awning with Carroll Architectural Shade can be customized to suit your location and combine the best of the following features: 

  • Size – will depend on where you are placing your awning
  • Color – should match well with your existing color scheme
  • Material – consider durability, especially for stationary awnings

An awning can be a huge help in advertising and branding your business. If you want to create an awning that catches the eyes of passing customers, you can trust Carroll Architectural Shade to design your best new shade product. 


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