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How Can a Commercial Awning Enhance My Hotel?

Posted on Friday, March 20th, 2015 at 5:59 pm.

Bright red hotel awningsWalking into an inviting and beautiful hotel after a long day of traveling is such an incredible relief. Hours in a plane or car can be exhausting, and when you pull up to a familiar site and know that you’ll be spending your evening in a safe, clean, comfortable room, it can really make your trip worthwhile. Whether you’re off on business or jet setting to a new vacation spot, a hotel is a recognizable beacon of comfort. By adding a creative custom commercial awning to your hotel or bed and breakfast, you’ll start off on the right foot with every guest.

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The best part about adding a commercial awning to your hotel or inn is that it pulls double duty. Not only is it useful for your guests, but also it will act as a constant advertisement or billboard for your hotel. A well-placed commercial awning will stand out to passersby and pop into their heads when a family member asks them where they should stay. All day and all night, your awning will draw in customers with its professional look and inviting design.

A Treat for Your Guests

Navigating a new city can be a real challenge for outsiders. It is terribly difficult to sift through maps, online directions, and listen to the monotone voice of your phone or GPS system. Once a guest has a vague idea of the location of your hotel, an awning can help them find it with much greater ease. An eye-catching awning will show them exactly where you are located so they aren’t left driving in circles, searching for their location after an already taxing day.

Energy Efficiency

Whether your commercial awning adorns your main entrance, or all of your windows, your hotel will reap the financial benefits. Awnings are the simplest way to increase the energy efficiency of your hotel, and decrease your energy bill. Awnings perform the easy task of keeping sunlight out of your interior. The suns rays can seriously heat up any building, and can cause furniture and upholstery to fade. With the help of a commercial awning, your hotel can cut costs in a major way.

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