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How Retractable Awnings Improve Your Home Interior

Posted on Thursday, March 14th, 2024 at 10:17 am.
carroll architectural shade retractable awnings improve home interior

Install retractable awnings to improve your home interior and exterior.

Many homeowners are drawn to retractable awnings for their home exteriors because of the shade and curb appeal these devices provide. While custom retractable awnings from Carroll Architectural Shade can be wonderful additions to any home exterior, giving shade to your windows and entrances, they also help improve the inside of your home. How do retractable awnings improve your home interior? When you design a durable and practical awning with Carroll Architectural Shade, you can enjoy several vital benefits even when you are inside your home. 

Block UV Rays Entering Through Windows

UV rays from the sun are damaging in large amounts. These invisible rays are what cause sunburn and contribute to long-term health issues. When you install retractable awnings or retractable shade screens, the shade prevents direct sunlight from entering your home. If you have many windows or work at home next to your window all day, the subtle protection provided by your awnings can help you avoid potentially damaging consequences. 

Prevent Glares on Screens

Strong sunlight is responsible for the distracting glares we often see on computers or television screens inside our homes. These glares make it nearly impossible to see what is on that screen, making it challenging to do necessary work or enjoy leisure time. When you install retractable awnings, you improve your home interior by removing the chance of unsightly glares. 

Protect Interior Fabrics and Floors

Natural light can cause extensive damage to furniture, electronics, floor materials, and decor when it pours into your home for long periods of time. Harsh sunlight can fade fabrics on couches and chairs, and damage precious hardwood floors. It can also impact artwork and rugs. Depending on where the sun shines hardest, you may find that particular spots on your floors or furniture are faded more than others, creating an unappealing visual. To prevent irreversible damage to your assets, install retractable awnings over windows or doorways. 

Reduce Energy Expenses

Retractable awnings improve your home interior by providing passive cooling solutions. When bright sunshine pours in all day, it naturally heats your home interior. You may then need to run your air conditioning on high to bring the temperatures back to a comfortable level. When your awnings filter the sunlight and provide a more diffuse illumination, you won’t have to rely on air conditioning to cool things down. 

Enjoy More Privacy 

Everyone wants their home to offer them privacy and seclusion. When installing retractable awnings or solar shades, you have an extra tool at your disposal to make it harder for passing neighbors or pedestrians to look inside your private residence. 

It’s no wonder so many homeowners design original retractable awnings with Carroll Architectural Shade! These shade products are designed to provide style to your home’s exterior and comfort to the interior. 


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