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Lighting Accessories for Your Patio and Awnings

Posted on Friday, August 12th, 2016 at 6:52 pm.
awning lighting

Awnings provide shade during the day, so you’ll need some awning lighting at night!

If you’re planning to enjoy a lovely summer evening beneath your awning, you’re going to need to illuminate the space. Good lighting makes walkways easy to navigate in the dark, and provides safety, security, and a welcoming ambiance. Here’s a quick look into some of the best options for lighting your patio and awnings.

Create the Right Atmosphere

Bright, standard-voltage lights are great for under-eave porch lighting or as a post light, and will serve to repel intruders from your property. However, these lights are too glaring for entertaining guests. Low-voltage lights create a more relaxed atmosphere that’s just bright enough for most evening activities. It’s important to make sure that your lighting choices are appropriate for the setting. A combination of both lighting types, or an adjustable dimmer is an ideal solution.

Types of Lights

There are a wide variety of lighting options you can choose when illuminating the space beneath your summer awning. Flood and skylights will provide maximum coverage for your area, and are also great for warding off intruders. Lantern and globe lights provide a lot of lighting while adding a more whimsical quality to your atmosphere. Roper or “string” lights, are the kind of lights we’re all familiar with from Christmas and Halloween. Although these lights are tiny, they can be hung in a variety of ways to add personality and color to your space.

Lighting Techniques

The way you position your lights matters a great deal. You will want to provide illumination that brings out the features of your home without shining it into people’s eyes. A good idea is to place low-voltage lights lower than 2 feet above the ground and standard-voltage lights higher than 7 feet. Barriers and shielded fixtures can also give you a more diffused light. Point lights downward to gently light up your patio and accent the surroundings.

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