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Sun Protection with Awnings: The Major Benefits

Posted on Thursday, March 24th, 2022 at 11:01 am.
carroll architectural shade sun protection with awnings

Enjoy sun protection with awnings this summer.

While many people love summer – long days, warm temperatures, and family vacation time – the heat and sunshine of summer can cause long-term damage. If you’re tired of sitting in front of the air conditioner to find some relief during the summer, placing an awning over your outdoor deck, patio, or porch may help you enjoy the outdoors without being uncomfortably hot. One of the best investments you can make for your home is a new awning. You can enjoy a variety of sun protection with awnings and protect your health, home, pets, and family. Read on to learn more about how crucial awnings can be this summer. 

Protect Yourself and Your Family

After prolonged, unprotected sun exposure, you can develop sunburn. Depending on the severity of the burn, you can feel tender skin, blisters, fever, and nausea. After several days of unprotected heat exposure, you may also experience heat exhaustion. Even if you are simply sitting outside on your deck during the summer, if you aren’t protected by an awning, you are putting yourself at risk for sunburn and more. 

Sun protection with awnings can help you avoid long-term consequences like skin cancer, melanoma, wrinkles, and prematurely aging skin. In addition to wearing sunscreen to avoid these effects, sitting under a shade while outside can help relieve your skin. 

Protect Your Pets 

Now that your new awnings are protecting your family, you don’t want to forget about your furry family members. Pets are equally at risk for sun-related ailments, including sunburns, heatstroke, and skin cancer. In addition to providing sun protection with awnings, make sure your pets always have fresh water available outside. Awnings can reduce temperatures by up to 15 degrees, so if you install a new awning, your pet will surely appreciate the cool spot to relax when outdoors. 

Protect Your Property 

Another service awnings provide is the protection of your outdoor property. Patio furniture and outdoor accessories can wear away after constant sun exposure or exposure to various weather conditions. 

You should purchase outdoor furniture that is waterproof and UV-resistant and apply protectant sprays and sealers when applicable. Many homeowners also use protective covers to drape over furniture or appliances, but they can sometimes be a hassle. 

A comprehensive solution to protecting your outdoor property is to install a new awning. If you install a retractable awning, you can decide when you want to cover your outdoor spaces. If you want flexible, consistent sun protection with awnings, contact Carroll Architectural Shade today.


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