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Having cool features to help ensure your awnings work easily and seamlessly is totally doable. In fact, there are innovative technologies that can ultimately help to create a very convenient way to incorporate awnings accessories into your home or business. Sunesta provides a wide array of different accessories that you can easily use to make having awnings more convenient and helpful.

MyLink and LED Light Kit

One of the perks associated with MyLink is the ease it affords you. In fact, with MyLink you can ultimately stay in control of your awnings and shades no matter where you are. It’s basically an app that you install on a smartphone to help you monitor and properly control all your motorized shades— whether in your home or business. A solution that’ll surely make your life easier and significantly more convenient. LED light kits are also great accessories that can help amplify your outdoor space. They provide the comfort of having to spend more time outdoors. The LED light kits are designed to seamlessly integrate into your current awning’s arms thereby providing the ability to properly control your awning and the lights with one simple device.

A Wide Array of Accessories to Choose From

  • Rain & Sun Sensors: The best thing about these is that your awning will automatically move based on whether it’s raining or not. In fact, this unique technology allows you to truly have the protection you want for your home.
  • Wind Sensors: And if it’s windy, your awning will retract when it has wind sensors installed.
  • Smartcase: Smart Case is a cassette that offers 360 degree, 365 day protection of the custom fabric of your choice.
  • Smartdrop: Sometimes the sun can be in just the wrong place. Not with a Smart Drop. Enjoy a drop down valance for added protection.
  • Smarttilt: Smart Tilt gives you the option to control the tilt of your retractable awning.

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If you are looking for specific accessories to help make it easier to control your awning, canopy, or pergola, we have a slew of accessory options that’ll ensure you have the luxury of ample privacy and weather protection for your home or business.

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