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Why Should You Have an Awning Installed This Winter?

Posted on Thursday, November 3rd, 2016 at 6:22 pm.

Installing a new awning in the winter means you’ll be ready to enjoy the outdoors at the first signs of spring.

Awnings are the perfect accessories for homes and businesses during the summer. They give a great space under cover of the sun for people and their families to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort. So you may be wondering why anyone would have their awnings installed in the winter – after all, you won’t get any immediate use out of them! But the benefits of getting a new awning put up in the winter may make you reconsider.

Reduced Interruptions

Simply put, when the weather is cooler, fewer people are going to be spending their time outdoors. Those in the restaurant business know that there can be as high as a 30 percent drop in patrons during the cold winter months and the ones who do dine out are forced to dine indoors. Similarly, families and friends remain indoors during the winter. By having an awning installed on a residential or commercial building during this time, you allow a seamless installation without the interruptions that may happen should you wait until the spring or summer.

Availability of Contractors

Contractors experience the same slowness during the winter season as other companies, and so you won’t be competing with as many potential customers as you would during the summer. You’ll be getting a jump start on the busy spring season, which is when most people look to have awnings installed. By calling an awning company now, you won’t experience as long of a wait to have your project finished.

Project Flexibility

With less business, you may find that contractors can spend more time with you designing and installing the perfect awning for your home or business. This process may take a little longer in the spring when business starts picking up again.

Getting Prepared for Summer

Having an awning installed in the winter is the best way to prepare your home or business for summer. While everyone else is scrambling around trying to get their new awning installations scheduled, you’ll already be enjoying the great outdoors under your own shade because you had the foresight to get your awning installed the previous winter!

Have it Made in the Shade

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