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3 Reasons to Install Commercial Retractable Awnings

Posted on Thursday, December 15th, 2022 at 11:09 am.
carroll architectural shade commercial retractable awnings

Commercial retractable awnings can be ideal for outdoor dining and versatile commercial spaces.

If you are ready to install new awnings on your commercial storefront, you will likely select one of two options: stationary or retractable. Both awnings are excellent options, but choosing to install commercial retractable awnings may be best for those who enjoy flexibility and versatility in their building design. Why are retractable awnings sometimes preferable for commercial spaces? These flexible awnings allow you to customize your customers’ comfort, protect your awnings during bad weather, and can last longer than some stationary awnings due to their ability to close up and avoid damage. Consider how retractable awnings from Carroll Architectural Shade may help your business with the following. 

Customize Customer Comfort

When the sun moves across the sky or weather changes throughout the seasons, you can still give your customers or diners optimal comfort with your retractable awnings. For example, many customers avoid sitting outside during the summer because they don’t want the hot, bright sun beating down on them. You can open your awning on those days to provide shade and comfort. 

You might not need that shade during the fall or even overcast summer days. In those instances, you can retract your awning to give your customers more exposure to warmth or sunlight. You can also open up your awning during sudden rain showers, so the weather never has to disrupt your customers’ experience of your business. 

Protect Your Awning During Bad Weather 

The Maryland area serviced by Carroll Architectural Shade experiences a range of weather throughout the year, from heavy rainfall to hot, sunshine-filled days, to days of snow and ice in the winter. When you install commercial retractable awnings, you can retract those awnings when you know severe weather is rolling in. 

This will protect your awning from potential damage from wind, heavy snow, ice, hail, or other damaging effects of the weather. After investing in your new awnings, you want to protect them from damage for as long as possible. Being able to retract your awning will help you do just that.  

Maintain the Beauty of Your Commercial Retractable Awnings

In addition to protecting your awning from strong winds and storm damage, you can protect your retractable awning from unnecessary fading and general deterioration that comes with frequent use. Even normal conditions, like sunny days, can damage stationary awnings through fading, animal damage, and normal wear and tear. 

When you use a retractable awning, you can avoid most of these damaging effects as you close your awning up. This will help your awning stay beautiful and functional, which is essential for your commercial awnings. You want your awnings to represent your business and draw customers in; if your awnings look shabby or worn, customers will have the wrong impression of your business. 


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