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4 Ideas for Business Awning Placements

Posted on Thursday, October 13th, 2022 at 9:59 am.
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Explore potential business awning placements – this location is using window awnings to shade their interior and block glare!

Whatever industry your business is in, your storefront can undoubtedly benefit from new awnings. If you add a new awning to your store, it should always be custom designed by the experienced team at Carroll Architectural Shade. We can create the best awnings for your business, which show off your logo and services while improving your curb appeal. Your new awnings can then be placed throughout your property to provide a range of different benefits. The following are some of the best locations we recommend for awning installations. 

Your Business’ Access Points

If your main entrance is quite windy, you can install leaf awnings on your access points, such as the front door and other entrances. These awnings will block the wind and create a more pleasant environment for your customers. If you want to highlight your entrances, you can install a large awning that covers your entire door. If you have a preferred access point, you can design an awning that clearly states “Entrance” or “Enter Here” to avoid confusion. 

Awnings on Your Storefront

If your business storefront is not visually interesting, installing awnings can make it look more appealing. You can select a design that matches your building design or choose a complementary color. Business awning placements on the front of your store are an excellent way to instantly increase your visibility among potential customers. 

Block Sunlight with Awnings

If your business is facing the sun, you can install awnings to provide some necessary shade. These awning installations will improve the ambiance of your store, making the area more pleasant for customers and employees. These awnings can also help block distracting glare from coming inside and making work more difficult. 

Awnings Create Extra Space for Customers and Employees

One of the most popular business awning placements is above outdoor seating areas. If you want a space for your customers, you can add awnings to outdoor seating areas to create a shaded, comfortable place that can be used in rain or shine.

You can install awnings over an outdoor break area if you want extra space for your employees. These awnings can make your outdoor area more comfortable, helping your employees get the most out of their break.

How to Design Your Business Awnings

Before finalizing your business awning placements, you will want to know what your awnings may look like. The designers at Carroll Architectural Shade can help you determine which style works best for your type of business. You will also want to consider whether you want a large or small awning. The larger the awning, the more shade and wind protection it offers. Finally, you can decide whether you want fixed or retractable awnings

Once you know the answers to these questions, you are ready to install your awnings and start enjoying the many advantages they provide.


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