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4 Patio Awning Ideas

Posted on Thursday, June 2nd, 2022 at 9:27 am.
carroll architectural shade patio awning ideas

Explore these excellent patio awning ideas before selecting your favorite shade product.

A patio is a wonderful outdoor space that can make enjoying your backyard easier than ever. But what makes a patio even better is an awning. Patio awnings provide shade as well as style and ensure that you never get too hot or uncomfortable when enjoying your outdoor space. But which awnings might be best for your patio? There are numerous options you can explore to suit your style, budget, and lifestyle. The following four patio awning ideas are some of the most popular among homeowners. 

Manual Retractable Awning

If you want a little extra shade without adding a fixed structure to your home, you may try a roll-out retractable awning for your patio. These are often made of flexible materials like cotton, canvas, polyester, or vinyl and can easily be rolled up and stored. 

Retractable awnings are mounted to a wall and extend out over your patio to provide shade. A manual awning will be controlled with a hand crank that lets you extend or retract the awning when you decide you want shade – or don’t! 

Patio Pergola Canopy 

Adding an awning to your patio pergola can create quite a striking look. A standard pergola has slats, which still allow sunlight and heat to pass through. By adding a canopy to your pergola, you can enjoy the beauty of a pergola with the shade benefits of your canopy.

Motorized Awnings

If you don’t want the trouble of a manual retractable awning, you may install a motorized patio awning. These retract easily with the use of a remote and provide ultimate convenience. 

Fixed Patio Awning

If you want a rigid roof-like awning overhead, consider installing a fixed patio awning. These awnings are often attached to your exterior wall, as well as two other support beams on the outside edge of your patio. The awning will always cover your patio and can withstand more weather than awnings without the four-beamed support.

Add Awning Accessories

You can further create your ideal patio by exploring potential awning accessories. These additions include: 

  • Rain and Sun Sensors: Your awning will automatically close or open based on whether it is raining or not. 
  • Wind Sensors: If it is too windy, your awning will retract so it doesn’t risk breaking. 
  • Dual-Layer Fabric: Often used for pergolas, this can help enhance the UV ray resistance by incorporating a 100% water-resistant fabric that protects you from precipitation. 
  • Side Curtains: These can enhance your privacy underneath your awning

Installing new patio awnings can be just the thing to make your patio your new favorite place to be.


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