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4 Reasons to Install School Canopies

Posted on Thursday, August 5th, 2021 at 10:09 am.
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School canopies can provide shaded areas in which children can be dropped off by parents.

Canopies are one of the most popular shade products, and rightly so, as they effortlessly provide shade and style. Using a canopy on school property can help the children learn and play outdoors in a safe and secure environment. Canopies can also protect students from wind and rain, as well as sun exposure. Using canopies for playing or learning areas can help you keep track of designated areas in which the children should be. If you are considering adding these shade products to your school, read on for more information on what school canopies can do for students and faculty. 

School Canopies Help Children Learn Outdoors

Sometimes on nice days, the teacher may find a reason to host their lessons outside. This can be especially enjoyable underneath a canopy. School canopies also provide coverage for messy activities like painting, which are easier to do outside. A large, freestanding canopy will give the students enough space to move around while providing coverage from the elements. 

Canopies Provide Sun Protection

A school canopy will provide shade when the sun is beaming bright. The material of your canopy will be able to completely protect you from the sun’s rays while being able to withstand everyday water and wind. 

Save Money with School Canopies

Adding more space to your school will cost you money. However, you can add some extra space to your building by installing school canopies. This is a more cost-effective option and is portable so that you can cover a range of areas. Any classes or activities that can be moved outside now have a comfortable place to sit underneath the canopy.

Enjoy Safe and Dry Waiting Areas and Sidewalks

When parents wait to pick up their children, they will have a safe and dry place to wait for them under a canopy. The canopies will also feel secure and free from exposure to weather when they are waiting underneath the canopy. If your school is large and has walkways connecting buildings or areas, you can use a canopy to create a covered walkway. These school canopies will provide continued weather protection and keep pedestrians out of the way of traffic. 

By adding a few school canopies, you can create more versatile outdoor spaces for students and provide more comfortable protection from the elements on a daily basis. 


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