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6 Types of Commercial Awnings Your Business Can Use

Posted on Thursday, March 11th, 2021 at 9:42 am.
types of commercial awnings carroll architectural shade

Business owners can install many types of commercial awnings, including pathway awnings.

Awnings have been a beneficial addition to commercial properties for many years. This shade product persists in popularity because it provides businesses with many practical uses, including advertising and protection from the weather. You may know that a commercial awning can add value to your business, but which awnings should you add? Read on to learn more about the six most popular types of commercial awnings.

Entryway Awnings

One of the most common types of awnings, entryway awnings come in a variety of designs. You can find concave awnings, square awnings, sloped awnings, dome awnings, and more. Entryways are a great place for awnings because you can use the structure to maximize brand awareness, draw attention to your business with stylistic flair, and provide protection to customers and employees entering and exiting your business. 

Pathway Awnings

Pathway awnings are an extension of entryway awnings. Pathway awnings can travel along a path or sidewalk that leads to an entrance. Whether it’s hot, rainy, snowy, or otherwise, your guests will appreciate having a clear, protected pathway to your front door. 

Window Awnings

Window awnings are types of commercial awnings that can not only increase curb appeal and enhance style but bring energy efficiency to your store. Window awnings can match entryway awnings for extra style and cohesion. They also significantly reduce the amount of sunlight and UV light that enters and heats your building. This can reduce the amount of money you have to spend on cooling your building in the summertime. You will appreciate the lower energy bills, and customers will appreciate shopping in a cool setting. 

Standalone Awnings

A standalone awning is not connected to your building. A standalone awning can create a new space outside and can serve a variety of purposes. These awnings can cover picnic areas, bike rack zones, or smoking shelters. Adding these “additional rooms” through an awning can enhance the customer experience and help make a great impression. 

Patio Awnings

Restaurants especially can benefit from certain types of commercial awnings. Outdoor awnings designed to cover patios or decks can create better outdoor eating experiences for customers. An awning can allow guests to enjoy sitting outdoors without being hit with too much wind or hot sunlight. These awnings can also be pulled back or stored during the harsh winter months to avoid damages. 

Inside Awnings

Yes, awnings can also be installed indoors! The most common example of this can be seen at entrances to stores located inside malls and shopping centers. However, they can also be placed above an in-store bar, a ticket booth, or a deli in a grocery store. These awnings can help highlight specific areas inside your store or restaurant and help direct customers to these particular places they are likely to visit. 

No matter the types of commercial awnings you choose to add to your business, make sure to work with a reliable and skilled awning company to guarantee satisfaction. 


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