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The Advantages of Patio Awning Ownership

Posted on Thursday, February 23rd, 2023 at 10:02 am.
carroll architectural shade patio awning ownership

Discover the benefits of patio awning ownership!

Purchasing new home awnings can be challenging. You want to find the products that look the best, add remarkable style, and provide you with consistent shade and ease of use for years to come. The first step in guaranteeing a positive awning experience is working with experienced awning designers and installers, like our team at Carroll Architectural Shade. The next step is selecting the best awning design for your home, which our designers can help you with. If you are ready to enjoy patio awning ownership this year, read on to discover some of the prime benefits that come with installing a durable new awning from Carroll Architectural Shade. 

Improve the Beauty of Your Property 

Modern patio awning designs combine light, form, color, texture, and graphics, all on top of a solid design structure for an affordable price. Awning frames are built from durable materials, so they will not easily bend or break, and the awning fabrics are made to be weather-resistant and easy to clean. Numerous colors and designs are available for your awning, so you can create a new awning that matches your home design and blends in seamlessly. 

Protect Your Patio From Mother Nature

A favorite perk of patio awning ownership is the protection it provides your outdoor social space. Awnings protect people, outdoor furniture, and décor from sun, rain, snow, sleet, and hail. Rain is directed away from your outdoor windows or sliding doors and away from your foundation. This means that your new awnings contribute to the longevity of your sealant’s life around your windows, which saves you future repair expenses as well. 

Surprising Energy Savings

Awnings can improve the appearance of your home, but they also bring surprising benefits beyond the surface. In fact, patio awning ownership can help you save money on energy expenses and protect your furniture, floors, and carpets from damage and fading. 

More energy is transmitted through glass doors and windows than any other construction feature. One square foot of glass absorbs more heat on a hot summer day than an entire insulated wall! The sun’s light coming into your home without shade can significantly increase the workload of your home air conditioning, which runs up your energy bill. By adding awnings over your glass doors and windows, you add shade that reduces the entry of strong sunlight into your home. 

Plus, that natural light is no longer hitting your interior furniture, wood floors, and rugs and fading their color. The awning’s shade prevents this discoloration and fading that can ruin the appearance of beloved items or devalue your home. 

Extend Your Outdoor Fun 

Patio awning ownership is, of course, appealing because it allows your outdoor areas to be even more relaxing and appealing. A patio awning will add shade and a cool, comfortable temperature to your outdoor patio. This means you can enjoy sitting outside or playing with your kids and pets more easily during the prime summer months. Plus, when spring or summer rain showers come through, you don’t have to stay inside but can sit out and enjoy the day without getting damp. 


Through our combined locations in Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., Carroll Architectural Shade provides innovative craftsmanship, superb service, competitive pricing, and unfailing attention to detail for customers throughout Maryland and Virginia.

Our highly skilled craftsmen design and custom manufacture shade products in-house, including commercial awnings, residential awnings, retractable awnings, roll-up curtains, aluminum awnings, and flat metal canopies. Founded in 1958 by James Carroll Sr., and still family-owned by his sons today, Carroll Architectural Shade remains committed to delivering top-quality craftsmanship and service.

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