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How Backyard Awnings Make Your Home More Comfortable

Posted on Thursday, September 8th, 2022 at 11:15 am.
carroll architectural shade backyard awnings

Design your ideal backyard awnings with Carroll Architectural Shade.

Homeowners are always searching for ways to improve the enjoyment of their homes. This is especially true for outdoor spaces, as there are plenty of options for outdoor furniture, activities, and design features. One of those features is an awning. You can install backyard awnings over patios, back decks, and by the pool. Awnings can do a lot to improve the comfort of your outdoor spaces. If you want to enjoy the following benefits, start designing your custom home awnings with Carroll Architectural Shade today! 

Increase Your Yard Space

Adding backyard awnings increases your total yard space. This is because you may not be currently maximizing your space, leaving areas of your yard unused that are maybe too hot or exposed to the neighbors. When you add an awning over your patio area, you add privacy and create boundaries around your outdoor living area. This makes staying outdoors under these awnings much more comfortable. 

Protection From the Sun 

Leaving furniture outdoors for extended periods is a quick way to degrade the quality of that furniture. Fortunately, backyard awnings act as sun protection for your outdoor furniture. They also protect you and your pets from harsh sun exposure, so you can stay outdoors longer without worrying about sunburn and dehydration.

Add Home Value 

If you want a practical reason to add awnings to your home, you can consider how these additions increase your property value. This is because most homebuyers highly value the use of outdoor space, and awnings allow you to maximize your backyard space. 

Cut Down on Energy Costs

Your awnings can also contribute to energy savings! When your awnings block direct sunlight from entering your home through windows or doors and heating up your internal temperatures, you spend less on air conditioning. Over time, this means significant savings each summer as your AC system is required to work less. If you install retractable awnings, you can close the awnings in the winter and let that sun enter your home to naturally raise the temperature when desired. 

Backyard awnings are more than a fun accessory: they can significantly improve your home environment. If you’re ready to enjoy these benefits, call Carroll Architectural Shade for more information. 


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