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How Are Awnings Used In The Movies?

Posted on Friday, January 20th, 2017 at 6:42 pm.
Making Movies

Awnings are often used in movies and television productions!

There’s a lot of little pieces that go into creating movie magic, and while it might not be the first thing you think of when you think about the latest box office smash, awnings actually play a role in all kinds of movies. Awnings help shape an authentic image of a time or place, and may even be part of advertising campaigns. Below are some of the many ways that awnings have played a part in your favorite movies.

Shaping The Setting

The ability to effectively communicate a story largely has to do with setting up an enveloping and accurate setting. If a film is set in ancient Egypt but houses in it have plastic office blinds, no one will take it seriously and it will detract from the overall message of the film. Awnings can be used to immerse audiences in a time period without having to expressly say a word about it. They can also be used to highlight settings that are important to a film, such as homes, businesses, and coffee shops. In films, it is not uncommon for distinct entrances in films to be subtly highlighted with colorful awnings. These set them apart from the rest of the surroundings.

Featuring Advertising

Many of those who work behind the scenes on movies or TV shows strike up contracts with different businesses to promote their products and brand. All those times you saw your favorite characters drinking Snapple or Coke was not an accident. As many businesses pay large sums for these subtle (and sometimes less than subtle) plugs, awnings are a great way to show a brand’s distinctive logo without interrupting the flow of the film. You may notice them in the backgrounds of many TV shows and films if you look closely. Sometimes it is less apparent than others, but you can find it if you know what you’re looking for.   

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