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Which Type of Awning is Right for My Business?

Posted on Friday, January 27th, 2017 at 3:00 pm.
Business awnings

Awnings are perfect for making any business stand out!

Choosing the right type of awning for your business is crucial to making sure that you get everything you want from the marketing tool, whether that means lower heating and cooling costs or an eye-catching way to get more foot traffic. Here are some of the types of awnings available for your business.

Retractable Awnings

Many Maryland businesses love these, as temperatures vary wildly throughout the year. These awnings will extend or retract with your help or with the help of a motor. When the heat of the summer is outside, your storefront will be protected from the worst of it. When the heavy snowfall of winter comes down, you won’t need to worry about damage since your awning will be retracted. You can even retract your awning during an afternoon severe storm in the summer and have it back up immediately after!

Franchise Awnings

These are popular with the many different types of franchise businesses that exist. If your business is part of a chain, or if you own many businesses that are all interrelated, a franchise awning can be the perfect way to connect all of them visually. Franchise awnings use the colors found in your logo, your logo itself, the font that appears throughout your branding, and anything else you find appropriate to alert customers of your location. This type of business awning is especially great if you have locations open in less-familiar areas, as a franchise awning will alert people driving and walking by of your new location.

Hospital Awnings

While average businesses don’t use or need hospital awnings, they are pretty popular with hospitals (surprise!). They serve a multitude of purposes for both staff and patients, as they contain information on where ambulances dock, what each building contains, and which wing of the parking lot you are in. This type of business awning serves a critical role in the many emergency situations that arise at hospitals every day.

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