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Can a Blizzard Damage Your Canvas Awning?

Posted on Saturday, January 23rd, 2016 at 1:48 am.
Minor snow, rain and ice will not damage your awning. However, massive snow build up and heavy winds may put your canvas awning at risk.

Minor snow, rain and ice will not damage your awning. However, massive snow build up and heavy winds may put your canvas awning at risk.

ATTENTION MARYLANDERS: Does Winter Storm Jonas – the historic blizzard set to cover parts of the Mid-Atlantic region in upwards of two feet of snow this weekend – have you wondering if your awning will be able to handle the weight and wind conditions? Whether you have a residential or commercial awning, there are certain things you should know about caring for a canvas awning in the winter. Let’s elaborate.

Is Your Canvas Awning in Danger of Snow Damage?

Awnings are meant to protect your home or business, even during the most extreme circumstances. They are durably designed to withstand withstand torrential downpour and up to an average amount of snowfall. Considering that the blizzard Maryland is facing is not an “average” snowstorm, your awning may be at more risk than it would be usually. This is mainly because accumulated snow often turns into ice, and a combination of heavy ice and snow on your canvas awning has the potential to weigh it down – resulting in potential tearing and other damage. There is a small chance this would happen, but it is important to recognize the possibility.


What About Wind?

When a snowstorm is classified as a blizzard, that means there is a possibility of heavy wind gusts upwards of 35 miles per hour. In these scenarios, it is more likely that your canvas awning would be negatively impacted by wind as opposed to snow. Wind could in fact assist you in clearing snow from your awning, as it might blow it off. However, with wind gusts that heavy, there is also a chance of your canvas awning coming in contact with flying debris that may be sharp and make your awning susceptible to tears and other damage.


Winter Alternatives

If your awning is equipped with the option to be taken down and stores away during the winter, that will ensure that it remains in upstanding and durable condition throughout the winter months. If your awning is made of aluminum as opposed to canvas, it will naturally be more durable against inclement weather and debris. At any rate, you should treat the awning you have to the best of your ability by clearing it of snow and ice with a soft tool that does not have sharp edges.


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