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Why Your New Restaurant Needs an Awning

Posted on Friday, January 15th, 2016 at 11:27 pm.
Red is a popular color choice for restaurant awnings, and bright colors can lure customers inside!

Red is a popular color choice for restaurant awnings, and bright colors can lure customers inside!

Are you opening a new restaurant? If the answer is yes, you likely understand how many different factors must be considered in this process. Finding the perfect kitchen space and designing the perfect menu are only two of the major keys to a successful restaurant opening. Mapping out the exterior details of your new restaurant is just as important as mapping out the interior details. Investing in an awning installation for the exterior of your restaurant can provide shade and shelter to the front entrance or patio dining areas. Let’s talk about other factors to consider.

Style and Theme

When you are designing your restaurant, you should have a clear idea of the type of dining experience you are creating for your customers. If you want your restaurant to be seen as upscale, you might consider a subtle yet chic exterior design. If you want your restaurant to be seen as casual, bold and fun exterior features and colors can send the right message.


The colors you implement into a new restaurant design can go beyond the surface of aesthetic appeal. Certain colors – like red – are said to encourage and increase appetites. This is why red is commonly integrated into fast food and restaurant designs. Eleanor Frisch of Food Service Warehouse believes that certain exterior colors are unappetizing and should be avoided – blues, purples and blacks. Regardless of what others believe, you should choose a color scheme for your new restaurant the you are excited about and find aesthetically pleasing. Choose colors that you believe will peak potential customer interest and draw visitors into your restaurant (consider what colors successful restaurants nearby are using).

Awning Designs

If your new restaurant has patio space, consider getting professional help designing an awning to provide shelter overhead the outdoor dining area. Businesses with covered patios that provide shade and shelter during various seasons have the opportunity to make more money – especially in the summer months when people take especially great pleasure in being outside. If you don’t have patio space, consider an awning to enhance the front entryway of your restaurant. Business awnings are made of fabric and incorporate the colors and logos associated with your restaurant. Look around – successful businesses everywhere are implementing awnings in their design.

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