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Choose Roll-Up Curtains for Outdoor Areas in Fall

Posted on Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014 at 5:35 pm.

It may be hard to believe, what with this last heat wave of summer hitting us this week, but fall is right around the corner. With it will come cooler temperatures, which might be a welcome change for some, but for business owners who have outdoor seating as a part of their property, this can also pose a few problems. Outdoor seating areas expand your customer capacity potential and are a great option for customers who want to be seated with a scenic view, but when the mercury drops, people are less likely to want to utilize this space. What’s a business owner to do? Consider roll-up curtains from Carroll Awning Company!

Roll-up Curtains Expand your Outdoor Seating Options

Roll-up curtains can be the perfect addition to your restaurant, café, or shop. When you add a perimeter of roll-up curtains around your outdoor seating area, you are able to use that space in a wider variety of weather conditions. If it is cooler and breezy, roll-up curtains will keep your customers snug and safe inside. If it is drizzling, they’ll stay dry and comfortable, while still being able to benefit from a seating option other than the interior of your establishment. With roll-up curtains, you will be able to seat as many people as you would in warmer weather; no need to stuff customers in to a cramped interior or worse, send them away because you have no space. With roll-up curtains will come more customers, and with more customers, more profit potential!

Roll-up curtains are the perfect addition to your outdoor seating space this fall. Ready to talk about your options? Call the Carroll Awning Company today for more information!

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