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Create an Outdoor Winter Retreat with a New Awning

Posted on Thursday, January 21st, 2021 at 10:59 am.
create winter retreat with new awning

You can use a new awning to create a winter retreat outdoors.

Awnings are often thought of as warm-weather home accessories, but awnings and canopies can create enjoyable outdoor space in the winter as well. With the assistance of a sturdy overhead awning, you can create an outdoor space perfect for relaxing and getting a bit of fresh air during the stir-crazy winter months. Read on to learn more about how you can use a new awning to create your unique outdoor winter retreat. 

Deck Awnings

You can add a new awning over established deck space to create an outdoor “room” shielded from the elements. You can even add a safe outdoor heating unit and some patio furniture to create a cozy space to spend winter afternoons. Underneath a deck awning is also the perfect location for a hot tub. The awning shields the tub from snowfall and rain so you can enjoy your jacuzzi during any winter weather. 

Yard Canopies

If you don’t have a deck or patio over which you can place a new awning, you can install a free-standing canopy in your backyard. When designing your canopy, consider the stability and durability of your materials. Once your canopy is added to the backyard, you can create a winter refuge with seating and safe heat lamps, among other things. 

Outdoor Furniture Protection

Even when you aren’t using your new awning or canopy, these accessories are useful for protecting your outdoor furniture and appliances in the winter. Chairs, tables, grills, and more can be placed under your awning for extra protection from snow, ice, wind, and moisture. This protection can help extend the lives of these items and keep seats dry and comfortable, and ready for use. 

Safety Considerations

After a new awning or canopy installation, homeowners should always remember safety considerations. If you are using heating devices, check before use to determine whether it is safe to use them underneath canopies or not. If not, move them outside of the canopy before use. You should also make sure to never turn on the heating devices unless people are sitting out there. Time spent under your winter awning can be fun, but safety must always be considered. 

Clear Your Awnings

Awnings and canopies can protect you from snow and other elements, but you should be sure to regularly clear your awning. Built-up snow or ice can cause damage to the awning or even cause it to collapse if too much weight is allowed to accumulate. To avoid these issues, make it a habit to clear your new awning after every weather event. 


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