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What a New Pergola Can Do For Your Home

Posted on Thursday, January 14th, 2021 at 11:35 am.
new pergola

A new pergola can provide your home with several enjoyable advantages.

Pergolas are outdoor structures consisting of columns supporting a roof grid of beams and rafters. This grid may be left open or covered to create a shelter from the elements. Many people train vines to climb up the posts or walls, giving their pergola a whimsical and earthy appearance. A pergola can be freestanding or attached to your home, but either way, these large structures can create a charming home appearance and create a one-of-a-kind space. How else can your new pergola increase your enjoyment of your home? Read on to find out. 

Pergolas Add Charm

Depending on the style of your backyard, you can find a new pergola fitting for the design. Whether modern or rustic, pergolas fit all home designs. Pergolas with clean lines and a roof, whether fixed or retractable, may give your backyard an efficient, stylish look. This style is excellent for those who like to entertain outdoors. Pergolas with an open lattice top and perhaps curtains hanging down the sides can infuse a backyard with a bit of beauty and whimsy. This can be great for those in your family who want to relax and “escape” to their backyard oasis. 

A New Pergola Creates More Usable Space

Building a pergola over a concrete slab patio or in the open space of your backyard can make that space much more usable. The area will be kept cleaner, so children are safer playing there, for instance. A pergola also makes your backyard appear more functional and inviting, so your family may be naturally inclined to spend more time outdoors and under the pergola. 

Pergolas Shade Areas from the Elements

Furniture and items placed under the pergola are better shaded than they would be otherwise, even if your pergola does not have a closed roof. This shading can help keep patio furniture in good condition and can prolong the life of outdoor games, toys, and fixtures. The patio floor or wood deck is also protected, keeping the materials from cracking or fading over time. 

Retractable Pergolas Are Versatile

You can install a retractable pergola for ultimate versatility. These pergolas give you the option to enjoy the day under the sun or shade. If your pergola sits on your lawn, you can provide sunlight to your grass and plant life on sunny days while protecting them from excess heat or rain on other days. A retractable pergola can give you extra versatility in your backyard design while providing you with the other notable benefits of pergolas. 


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