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Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home Awnings

Posted on Thursday, April 15th, 2021 at 9:37 am.
carroll architectural shade decorate your home awnings

You can use hanging flower pots among other accessories to decorate your home awnings.

Your home exterior can always be enhanced. One of the best ways to boost your home’s curb appeal is to add awnings, either fixed or retractable. These awnings not only add cool shady spots to your home but can create more comfortable and functional outdoor living spaces. However, if you want to add even more beauty to your home awnings, you can explore a few creative ways to decorate these shade products. If you’re interested in turning your new, shady patio, deck, or porch into an outdoor oasis, read on for a few ideas for decorating your home awnings.

Add A Few Plants

You can place a variety of potted plants around the perimeter of your fixed awning or shaded patio or deck to create a beautiful, colorful paradise. If you have fixed awnings or a pergola, you may consider adding metal hooks to hold hanging potted plants. Since your awnings will block some of the sunlight, it is advisable to choose shade-tolerant plants. Adding flowers to your exterior home space is a great way to add stunning color and fragrant, interesting natural elements that can help boost your mood. 

Add a Swing

You can add a porch swing to your home awnings for a whimsical touch. A porch swing with a built-in heavy-duty suspension chain can be attached to the beams of your awning or shade structure. Once installed, you can use the swing to take a seat, relax, swing, sway back and forth, or simply sit and enjoy the outdoors with your family members. A swing surrounded by beautiful flowers, set in the comfortable shade, will be an appealing outdoor accessory for everyone in your home. 

Build a Patio

If you want to really enhance your backyard space, you may consider adding a gorgeous patio underneath your home awning. If you can’t quite swing a large covered patio, you can transform a corner of your deck and get a similar effect. Underneath your awning, you can build a comfortable dining space or sitting area perfect for multiple friends or family members to sit and have conversations. Add some flowers, a sizable table, and some twinkling lights for extra style. 

Add Lights

Adding the right lighting fixtures to your home awnings can create a dramatic effect. You can brighten your outdoor space with lantern-style string lights, or you may add other string lights to create a social, inviting atmosphere. 

Imagining your home with new home awnings is already a compelling idea. Now imagine those awnings are surrounded by colorful flowers, beautiful lights, and lots of comfortable seating. How could anyone resist this outdoor oasis? 


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