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5 Types of Deck Awnings to Keep You Cool This Summer

Posted on Thursday, July 1st, 2021 at 12:22 pm.
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There are a number of stylish and versatile deck awnings you can add to your home.

Awnings are incredibly versatile additions to any home and can provide a transformative effect. These shade products are handy for placing over back decks, lounge furniture, children’s toys, or entertainment areas. A lot of us want to enjoy the hot summer days, but standing or sitting out under the sun can become difficult. When using deck awnings, you can create the comfortable environment your family and friends desire. Beyond providing shade, awnings can help decrease indoor home temperatures, protect outdoor furniture from weather wear, and make your deck enjoyable even when it’s raining. If you are considering installing a new awning, read on to explore five excellent choices for deck awnings. 

Retractable Deck Awnings

Retractable deck awnings are especially popular because of their flexibility. The type of awning can be extended to provide shelter and shade or retracted on days when you want to bask in the sunshine. 

Canopies and Pergolas

These shade products provide the same coverage and flexibility that many deck awnings do, but they are slightly different. The primary benefits are style and control over how much shade you receive. Canopies and pergolas can be freestanding or mounted to your home. Retractable pergola canopies are designed to provide horizontal rafters a pergola look, with a retractable canopy on a trolley system underneath. These structures can provide versatile shade without sacrificing style.

Wall-Mounted or Stationary Awnings

These deck awnings are fixed and mounted to the side of your home. It has long durability and pillars that support the shade. If you want a permanent shelter for your deck, these awnings are best. They can withstand common wind, rain, moisture, and cold and provide excellent summer coverage for rainy days. If you have deck furniture or appliances you want to protect from the elements, placing them under your stationary awning can help keep them in excellent condition. 

Window Awnings

Perhaps you don’t want to cover your entire deck with a new awning. However, if you have home windows that let in the bright sunshine from your deck, you may be increasing the indoor temperature of your house without realizing it. That sunshine can quickly heat your home and put a lot of strain on your air conditioning unit. When you install window awnings, you provide shade to those windows and eliminate some of the excess heat and sunshine that enters. 

Motorized Awnings

Motorized awnings are retractable awnings that are controlled by a remote. You can also add sensors to your awning—for rain, sun, and wind—that automatically retract or expand your awning depending on the weather. This is great for homeowners who may be away from their house when they want to retract their awning before a storm or expand the awning to protect their deck furniture. The automation of motorized deck awnings provides extra convenience that is hard to beat. 

No matter which deck awnings you select, Carroll Architectural Shade can help you design the best-looking and most efficient new awning for your home. 


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