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Where to Place Your Outdoor Pergola Canopy

Posted on Thursday, April 29th, 2021 at 9:57 am.
carroll architectural shade outdoor pergola canopy

An outdoor pergola canopy can be placed over patios, gardens, decks, and more for ultimate style.

Pergolas have been in use for centuries, serving both decorative and practical purposes. The pergola canopies available at Carroll Architectural Shade combine the classic appeal of pergolas with the shading abilities of a retractable canopy cover. There are many ways to highlight the appearance of your outdoor pergola canopy and a variety of places they can go on your property. Depending on whether they sit above your patio, jacuzzi, entrance, garden, or deck, these shade products can create an appealing and stylish atmosphere you will want to enjoy all summer long. Read on for a few suggestions for where you can place your new pergola canopy.


An entryway pergola canopy can act as a shade overhang as well as an architectural accent welcoming visitors to your home. Trellised vine plants can add an extra embellishment to your home entryway, while you may consider hanging lights to add visibility near your entrance. 


A classic location for your outdoor pergola canopy is over your patio. A patio pergola can enhance the relaxation of your patio space and shade seating or dining areas. 

Over Jacuzzis and Hot Tubs

If you have a jacuzzi or hot tub in our backyard, you may consider adding a new pergola canopy above it. This placement can shade the hot tub so you can use your tub without getting overheated by the sun, and you can prevent leaves, twigs, and other debris from falling into the tub. 

Over Swing Sets or Hammocks

A freestanding pergola can be placed over a hammock or backyard swing to provide an exceptionally relaxing atmosphere for those who want to swing in the shade. The addition of an outdoor pergola canopy, with a retractable shade covering, means that you can sit on your favorite swing or hammock on days when you want to soak up the sun as well as on days you don’t.


Adding a pergola to your deck is a simple yet beautiful way to shade an exposed entertainment area. Many people enjoy eating outdoors on their deck, and placing your table under a pergola canopy can help ensure that your table remains protected from weather and excessive sun.


Adding a pergola canopy to your garden is an excellent way to add extra beauty and attention to your garden. You can also introduce vine plants to your garden by providing this trellis-like structure for their placement. Hanging plants also go well with any pergola structure. 

By adding your new outdoor pergola canopy to any of these locations, you can create a charming and stylish outdoor area that you will be eager to visit again and again.


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