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Fixing Your Retractable Awning

Posted on Friday, June 5th, 2020 at 10:48 am.
Fixing Your Retractable Awning

When you notice problems with your retractable awning, those problems can stem from many places.

Whether you’re trying to keep the sun’s rays off of you or you want to spend more time in your outdoor living space, a retractable awning can be the perfect solution for you. They are easy to use, and can provide you instant shade whenever you need them.

With summer on the horizon, a retractable awning helps you enjoy your outdoor living space more. However, this only remains true if your awning stays in good shape. Your awning will eventually start to run into problems, and when it does, knowing how to fix those problems is important. When you notice problems with your retractable awning, those problems can stem from many places.

Failed Mechanism

The problem of failed mechanisms is specific to awnings that run electronically. If your mechanism isn’t working, there is likely an electrical fault, like a blown fuse or a short circuit. Check the wiring to determine if you have electrical equipment that’s on the same circuit. If there are other pieces of equipment on the same circuit, your wiring is at fault. You should get professional help resolving this problem.

Strange Noises

If your retractable awning is running and you start hearing squeaking sounds, it’s likely that it needs to be lubricated. If you hear cracking noises, it could be a sign that you need to tighten one of the pieces of your awning. No matter which of these issues you find, the best solution is contacting a local awning company. They have all of the best tools for lubricating and tightening the different parts of your awning. They may even find other issues with your awning that you might not have noticed.

Your Retractable Awning Has Wrinkled Fabric

Not only will wrinkled fabric look less appealing on your retractable awning, but it will also make it harder to operate the awning. Wrinkled or saggy fabric is often the result of having your fabric absorb too much moisture. This is a simple fix because all you have to do to resolve the problem is retract your awning entirely and allow it to dry when it’s sunny outside. The sun’s rays will do all the work, getting rid of any excess moisture your fabric has, allowing the fabric to return to its normal shape. However, if you see many deep creases, you should contact an awning company to either get a repair or replacement.

The Fabric On The Retractable Awning is Torn

Over time, awnings become more susceptible to weather damage. With strong enough weather conditions, your fabric can tear if you leave your awning open. Adhesives serve as a temporary solution for this kind of problem, but don’t get complacent with this type of solution. Help from a professional awning company will be needed if you want a long-lasting solution for torn fabric.

Irregular Retraction

Note when your retractable awning isn’t retracting evenly. This could mean that the arms or awning rail aren’t level. Problems like this are best handled with the help of a professional awning company. Professionals know what measures need to be taken to keep the arms and awning rail from falling out of alignment.

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