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Residential Awning Maintenance Tips

Posted on Thursday, May 28th, 2020 at 1:18 pm.
Residential Awning Maintenance Tips

These are some of the awning maintenance procedures you should undergo to keep your awning in top shape.

After going through the process of getting your awning installed, you want to be able to say the job is done. However, to keep your awning in good condition, you’ll have to undergo some regular maintenance. A properly maintained awning can last you for several years, meaning you won’t have to repair or replace it nearly as often as you would if you didn’t care for it well. These are some of the awning maintenance procedures you should undergo to keep your awning in top shape.

Make Sweeping Part of Awning Maintenance

It’s crucial that you sweep off the dirt that accumulates on your awning. Dirt that accumulates over time can begin to weigh your awning down and potentially cause the fabric to tear. To start, this keeps your awning fabric looking vibrant and polished. It also keeps dirt from piling up throughout the year. To get the dirt off your awning, we recommend using a broom that has soft bristles. This keeps your fabric from taking damage during the sweeping process. For safety purposes, you should only sweep off dirt from areas that you can reach.

Awning Maintenance Includes Monitoring Greenery

The next step of awning maintenance doesn’t revolve around your awning. Instead, you want to trim all of the trees, vines, and shrubs that are in proximity of your awning. There are many plants that have acids in them that can damage your fabric. Also, branches and twigs can rip through your fabric if they get too close. To prevent these things from happening, keep your greenery at a safe distance from your awning by cutting any areas that can reach your fabric.

Check For Holes and Tears

Awning maintenance also involves taking a look at your awning to see if it’s taken any damage. Holes and tears can pop up over time, but sometimes they can be managed. If the damage is minor, you can often repair your awning. However, larger signs of damage may indicate that you have to get a new awning. For this reason, you want to spot and address issues while they’re small so that they don’t escalate later on and cause bigger, more expensive, and more time-consuming problems.

Wash Your Awning

Roughly once per year, you want to take the time to wash your awning. When doing this part of awning maintenance, keep the awning on its frame. This makes cleaning it easier, and taking the awning down is not needed.

Your awning should be cleaned by using some water and mild soap. With a soft bristle brush, start getting your soap and water solution into the fabric, then allow the solution time to soak in. After that, you’ll want to hose down your awning fabric to get rid of the soap residue. If left on the fabric for too long, the soap can discolor your fabric. We at Carroll Architectural Shade even have a deep cleaning program you can use to get your cover looking like new if you want a professional level of cleaning.

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