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How Awning Color Can Boost Your Business

Posted on Friday, May 5th, 2017 at 8:31 am.
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Did you know that awning color can have an effect on your business?

Did you know that awning color can have an effect on your business? Did you also know that the color of your awning can help boost your business? In this week’s blog, we’ll investigate the meaning of different colors and the impact they can have on your commercial property. Interested? You can learn more by reading on!

Use Eye-Popping Awning Color to Draw In New Customers!

Green: First things first, green is the color of money. This is an obvious symbolism that is no less effective. Green can also represent health and nature. Health and nature are two other images that can attract customers. And also, when they see green inside your business as well, they can feel more comfortable while inside.

Red: Red symbolizes power. Consequently, it is the single most popular color for marketing. People like feeling powerful. If you can capitalize on helping your customers feel powerful, they will be happy to do business with you, and even become repeat customers. Repeat customers can become loyal, and brand loyalty can be a huge help to your business.

Orange: You probably wouldn’t expect orange to be a strong color for an awning. However, it can mean a number of things to different people. It can represent power, like red. It can also stand for energy and fun. If your business is meant for kids, such as a toy store or dentist or barbershop for children, this can excite them for when it’s time to visit.

Pink: Pink is a typical color choice for attracting female customers. Because of its association with the feminine aspect, it usually goes along with the sale of products and services where women are the primary target audience.

Purple: Lastly, purple represents royalty. It carries the connotations of luxury. For these high-end products and services, your customers will want to feel powerful. Purple is another very strong color that you may not expect but can be highly useful in bringing in new customers.

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