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Conserve Power: Commercial Awning Energy Use

Posted on Friday, May 12th, 2017 at 10:52 am.
commercial awning energy use

Commercial awning energy use is a big reason many businesses benefit from their commercial awnings.

Commercial awning energy use is a big reason many businesses benefit from their commercial awnings. How can a commercial awning benefit your business? In this week’s blog, we’ll look at how you can conserve power and turn the effects commercial awnings have on energy use in your favor. Please read on, and enlighten yourself how to save money for your property!  

Commercial Awning Energy Use Can Lower Solar Radiation

As we approach the summer months, hotter temperatures will follow as well. Did you know that much like residential awnings, commercial awnings can lower solar radiation? Solar radiation, in which beams of sunlight enter through your windows, can raise interior temperatures to unbearable levels. Putting in commercial awnings can help cool your building down. You won’t have to rely on the air conditioning as heavily, which will help your energy bills tremendously. Whether it’s hot and bright outside, or cold and gloomy, solar radiation during the day can lead to heat gain.

Commercial Awning Energy Use Can Reduce Heat Gain

Reducing heat gain is another fantastic perk of commercial awnings. Much like their cousins meant for residential use, commercial awnings excel at lowering heat gain. Heat gain is the effect of solar radiation that can damage interior furnishings and cause inside temperatures to rise so rapidly. Canvas awnings, in particular, can reduce heat gain by as much as 65%. Long-term savings will allow your business to thrive in other areas, perhaps by investing in tinted glass.

Enhance the Performance of Your Tinted Glass

Do you use tinted glass? If you have incorporated tinted glass, that is another excellent way to keep your building cooler. But tinted glass works even better when used with commercial awnings. Keep out those nasty ultraviolet rays! Some exposure is good for your skin, but too much is unhealthy and can be damaging to your building and its contents and inhabitants.

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