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How a Commercial Awning Can Enhance Your Branding

Posted on Thursday, September 17th, 2020 at 11:00 am.
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A vibrant commercial awning can improve your location’s visibility and appeal.

Every storefront awning is designed to send a specific message to any new or returning guests. Whether you want to make sure your business is easily identifiable, or you want to use your awning to promote a product or event, there are design elements you can consider that will enhance your message. When designing your commercial awning with Carroll Architectural Shade, consider the following tips for creating the most impactful product. 

An Awning Conveys Professionalism

When you communicate with someone, you already know that how you deliver your message is just as important as what you say. This holds true for awnings as well, and a well-made commercial awning can help convey a professional message. A well-lit and beautifully designed awning, with a bold and clean design, will not only convey your brand but help attract new customers with a strong first impression. 

Use Minimal Design for Maximum Impact

Installing a large commercial awning may at first inspire you to use as much of the space as you can for a design. However, when it comes to commercial awnings, “less is more” can often be more impactful. The following design tips are sure to guarantee a satisfactory awning design: 

  • Coordinate the design of the commercial awning with the business’s other signs and marketing materials
  • Make your awning easy to read by using fewer than seven words. This also leaves plenty of space for large lettering that is evenly spaced. 
  • Use a single graphic or color scheme. People often tune out advertisements that are too complicated or “busy,” which you do not want. 
  • Use a bold font rather than all-caps. 

By implementing these strong, but minimal, design elements, your commercial awning is sure to stand out among neighboring storefronts. 

A Well-Lit Awning Stands Out

While your business may not be open 24/7, you likely want your awning to be visible at all times. Even if they can’t visit your store yet, a passing pedestrian may notice your awning, take note of your store, and plan to visit during store hours. To help highlight your awning at all hours, you can add strategic lighting to your awning. Make sure that lighting is permitted, and you use the proper high-quality outdoor lights. Once installed, these lights can subtly but effectively highlight your commercial awning.

When you’re ready to enhance your store’s branding, contact the designers at Carroll Architectural Shade to create your appealing new awning. 


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