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4 Ways Homeowners Can Use Retractable Screens

Posted on Thursday, September 10th, 2020 at 3:18 pm.
retractable screens from Carroll Architectural Shade

Retractable screens can provide many stylish and useful benefits to homes.

There are numerous window treatments homeowners can choose from when looking to add style and shade to their residence. However, many homeowners have begun to see the premium benefits of retractable screens and shade products. These shades are excellent additions to any space inside or outside of your home. With their classic appeal, style options, and ease of use, these screens are becoming a popular selection among homeowners. If you are curious about what these items can bring to your home, read on for the most significant ways, you can use retractable screens. 

As a Simple Design Feature

Retractable screens are a simple yet attractive item you can add to any space in your house. These curtains offer a streamlined look for your window treatments and provide a clean and uncluttered look. In particular, modern homes will benefit from the style of screens, as it suits the modern minimalist style very well. You can also install retractable screens to your outdoor spaces, to instantly create some privacy and shade. 

As a Sunlight Manager

If sunlight is an issue in your home, retractable screens can help you quickly manage this problem. If rooms are exposed to too much sunlight that increases the room temperature, these shades can efficiently help you lower indoor temperatures. By decreasing your indoor temperatures, you put less stress on your cooling system and, in turn, save extra expenses. 

As an Easy-to-Use Motorized Curtain

With standards blinds, shade capabilities are minimal, and all changes must be manually made. However, with retractable screens, you can have the option of motorized curtains that you can control with a remote. This can be very handy if you have windows that are difficult to reach, and make adjusting the light in your home as easy as pressing a button. These window treatments can be very beneficial to senior citizens or any individuals with mobility challenges. 

As an Easy-to-Maintain Shade Product 

Blinds can quickly gather dust in each slat. However, with screens, the product is without slats and much easier to clean. This saves you the cost of replacing your blinds and makes your shade products more hygienic and a better addition to your home. 

Styles Available at Carroll Architectural Shade

At Carroll Architectural Shade, we offer our clients Sunesta screens, including the Sentry and Sunroll. These indoor and outdoor screens operate in any weather conditions and can fit into the large and small spaces of any home. 


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