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4 Ways Patio Canopies Can Benefit Maryland Restaurants

Posted on Thursday, August 20th, 2020 at 12:15 pm.
patio canopies in maryland

Patio canopies can provide shelter and useful dining space for Maryland restaurants.

As a restaurant owner, you may have previously associated outdoor canopies and shade structures to outdoor-only venues like parks, playgrounds, or picnic sites. However, shade structures can provide numerous advantages to restaurants as well, now more than ever before. There are several ways in which restaurants can benefit from the addition of patio canopies, with the following advantages being the most significant.

Patio Canopies Keep Customers Safe

During the COVID-19 pandemic, most restaurants are not able to open their doors as they did before. If you have outside seating, you can allow more patrons to visit your restaurant, and you have more space in which to separate customers and keep them a safe distance from each other. While eating outside can be enjoyable, many people may be put off from the idea if they know they will be sitting under hot sunshine. If you have a canopy over your outdoor dining area, you provide cool shade and protection from rain showers for your guests, making your patio a much more comfortable space.

Enhance Curb Appeal

Patio canopies can increase your restaurant’s curb appeal by drawing the attention of passersby to your attractive and significant canopy design. When working with Carroll Architectural Shade, you can choose from various fabric and color options for your canopy to enhance the design of your shade structure. Additionally, you can improve the visibility of your restaurant name or logo by placing it on the shade structure.

Improve Customer Experience

Patio canopies can not only provide shade to seated guests, but to those waiting for a seat. By providing cool shade to your guests, or protection from a summer shower, you can quickly make an excellent impression with your customers who feel comfortable and considered at your restaurant.

Grow Your Restaurant Revenue

Typically, during summer, spring, and fall months, outdoor seating becomes very attractive to customers. People enjoy sitting outside, enjoying a cool breeze or the long summer day, and your outdoor seating underneath a patio canopy lets them do just that. However, patio canopies help restaurants grow revenue even more now by allowing them to serve more customers while maintaining CDC guidelines for safety. Being able to serve seated guests often earns you more money than takeout orders, and helps your servers make more wages in tips.

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