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5 Reasons to Install a Residential Entrance Awning

Posted on Thursday, August 27th, 2020 at 2:19 pm.
residential entrance awning

A residential entrance awning from Carroll Architectural Shade can come in a variety of styles.

An awning is a classic home design element that can make your home’s exterior space more enjoyable. While an awning’s primary function is to provide shade, when you install a residential awning, you also benefit from reduced energy costs and increased curb appeal. Awnings come in a variety of sizes and designs. By installing a residential entrance awning, you can enjoy the following benefits for your home. 

A Residential Entrance Awning Adds Dimension

If your home entrance lacks a long entryway or a front deck, an entrance awning can add an attractive dimension to your home. Even if you have a small front porch, adding an awning above, it can make your porch stand out and increase the curb appeal and welcoming quality of your home. 

Your awning designer at Carroll Architectural Shade can help you select the best awning to match your current decor and personal style. This way, your awning will blend in perfectly to your existing exterior. 

Entrance Awnings Keep Your Porch Clean 

Placing an awning above your porch helps shield your entryway from leaves, dirt, and other matter that can accumulate from trees, weather, and animals. Cleaning your awning is easy as well, and your awning designer can advise you on the best way to wipe clean your new awning. 

Awnings Are Energy-Efficient

Your residential entrance awning provides a beautiful cover for your entrance and blocks the sun’s rays from penetrating your home in the summer. When installed correctly, your awning can provide shade and, in turn, lower the cooling costs of your home. 

You can consult with your awning designer on more areas of the home that can benefit from the cooling effects of residential awnings

A New Awning Allows for Greater Outdoor Enjoyment

With a new entrance awning over your head, you can more easily enjoy sitting out on your porch on a warm summer’s day. Now, however, you will not need to be bothered by excessive heat or by rain showers. 

A Residential Entrance Awning Adds Unique Appeal

A residential entrance awning provides a boost of curb appeal and allows you to personalize your design. A unique awning will make your home stand out, while also adding an element that is one-of-a-kind to your house. 


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