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The Impact of Commercial Stationary Awnings on Your Energy Use

Posted on Thursday, January 19th, 2023 at 9:34 am.
carroll architectural shade commercial stationary awnings

Commercial stationary awnings can help decrease your energy use.

Businesses are always searching for ways to save money and help their location stand out. You can do both when installing commercial stationary awnings designed by Carroll Architectural Shade. Stationary awnings are installed on the side of your building and stay up throughout the year. Many businesses choose to install awnings over their front entrances and windows to draw attention to their storefront. While the awnings can help advertise your brand, they also positively impact your building’s energy use. How do awnings do this? Read more to find out how awnings impact your energy use. 

Reduce Solar Radiation 

Throughout the hottest months of the year, your building may be affected by solar radiation. When solar rays hit your window, they penetrate your indoor spaces and cause the temperature of your building to rise rapidly. You’ve most likely noticed this on those hot summer days when your employees and customers notice how little impact the air conditioning has. 

After installing commercial stationary awnings, your windows are now protected from solar radiation. Your new awnings block direct sunlight from pouring into your store all day, thus keeping your building cool. This also means that your air conditioner has less work to do, which in turn saves you money

Cut Back on Heat Gain 

Solar heat gain is another factor that can impact the overall energy use of your building. When windows are exposed to high amounts of solar heat, they start to spread heat into your interior areas. Many people are familiar with heat gain through the way their homes often heat up when using an oven or in fully-lit rooms. 

If your storefront has large, floor-length windows, you may experience significant heat gain. New commercial stationary awnings can help you cut back on heat gain by reducing the heat absorbed by your windows. You won’t need to depend on air conditioners or fans to keep your building cool anymore. 

Improve the Performance of Tinted Windows

If you have attempted to reduce heat gain through the use of tinted windows, but these windows haven’t been as effective as you wanted, you may add an awning to boost performance. Canvas awnings are more effective than solar tints in preventing heat gain. When you combine the shady benefits of an awning with solar-tinted glass, you can achieve the ultimate UV protection. 


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