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Did You Know You Can Cut Energy Costs with Awnings?

Posted on Friday, April 7th, 2017 at 8:17 am.
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Did you know you can cut energy costs with awnings?

As unpredictable spring weather sets in, reducing energy usage is probably your best bet. Did you know you can cut energy costs with awnings? In this blog we’ll tell about how you can do it. Keep things cool, and save some money while you’re at it. Please read on to learn more!

Find A Worthy Window

Awnings can provide great shielding effects. But first, they need a worthy window to help anchor them. Windows and awnings are two major components of a building’s so-called “envelope”, and this envelope is where the energy circulates. The other components of the envelope include the roof, the walls, the subfloor, and the doors. Energy most easily escapes through glass doors and windows, since they aren’t insulated all that well.

Reducing Heat Gain Also Helps Reduce Energy Costs

Heat gain and glare can be reduced by glass tinting or window film, true. But these methods are not as effective as awnings. In fact, with the money saved from superior energy cost-cutting, both homeowners and business owners can benefit. The costs involved with installing a new awning can be quickly recovered through these energy savings.  Saving money benefits everyone involved, and since awnings are so low-maintenance, the savings will only continue to add up.

Awnings Can Cut Back the Energy Costs

Of course, overall energy costs can be cut back by awnings, too. The Professional Awning Manufacturers Association ran a study to investigate this effect. What they found was that when fabric awnings or exterior shades were used, the owners of the building saved as much as $200. That amount was saved just by not having to rely on air conditioners as much. This study was carried out across 50 cities throughout the nation.

Awnings, shades, and air conditioners can all cooperate in cooling your home or building. That envelope, or bubble that we discussed earlier won’t be so overwhelmed. Reducing heat and glare will also make buildings much more comfortable to be inside, and ultimately, comfortable environments will benefit everyone and make everyone that much happier.

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