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Ways to Keep Your Awning in Shape

Posted on Friday, March 31st, 2017 at 5:57 pm.
awning in shape

How do you keep your awning in shape?

Even though awnings are low maintenance, that doesn’t mean no maintenance. How do you keep your awning in shape? Fortunately, in this blog we will cover just that. Read on to learn more about ways to keep your awning in shape with these tremendous tips!

The Key to Keeping Your Awning in Shape Is By Doing the Following!

Brushing It Off: Every week, you should use a soft-bristled brush on your awning. An extendable handle will be immensely helpful for this task. If you use an RV awning brush, then that is perfect. You don’t need to be brush hard, either, just be sure to do a thorough enough job that any dust, dirt, or other debris is carried away.

Hosing It Down: Using a hose for a quick awning bath is the next step. Appearance is a big part of keeping your awning in shape. Larger particles or debris that resist being carried away with a brush can be blasted off with hose water. This method can, in fact, perform better than simple brushing. Hosing it down can brighten up the fabric of the awning and help it look brand new again.

Washing It Off: While this step might not sound any different than the previous one (hosing it down), washing it off is in fact different. It is a distinctive way to keep your awning in shape. Using the hose in tandem with some common dish soap will go a long way in revitalizing your awning. Run water over the awning with the hose, and then use the soft bristle brush to scrub away any residue and other grime on your awning. Environmentally-friendly detergents are your best bet for this method. What’s more, you would only need to follow this step twice in any given year: at the end of the summer and again at the beginning of spring.

Letting It Dry Off: Give your awning a chance to dry off. Excess water and moisture from any source, whether it be the hose or precipitation like rain or snow, can cause your awning to crumple and wrinkle. Mold and mildew are big risks that you can avoid by letting your awning dry, as well.

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