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Why You Need A Window Awning For Your Home

Posted on Friday, February 23rd, 2018 at 5:48 pm.

A window awning not only improves the look of your home, but it protects it as well!

Think about how hot it gets at the peak of the summer time. Yes, you have the option to blast your air conditioning constantly, but that cost will certainly add up quickly. You also have been wanting to have a cookout in your backyard, but it appears the sun always beams down directly onto your lawn, making it uncomfortably hot. These problems can be solved with a simple solution: a window awning. Here is why you need a window awning for your home.

Protects Belongings

Not only does the sun make everything it touches hot, it can also damage some of your furniture. If you have an area rug near your window, the sunlight can bleach the colors out of it. It also can fade the colors from curtains and furniture in your home. A window awning will decrease the amount of sunlight that can get into your home from the windows. This protects your valuable belongings from any possible sun damage.

More Space

Remember that cookout I mentioned earlier? Now, it is possible to throw one even if the sun is blazing down. All you need is a window awning that extends out onto your patio. This gives you a shaded area that you can decorate as you’d like. You can put patio chairs down and really give your backyard a new look, making it great for entertainment. Your guests will love the option to sit in the shade rather than in the sun whenever they need a break from the harsh heat.

Saves Money

I mentioned before that you could blast your air conditioning all summer long if you wanted to. However, with a window awning, this becomes unnecessary. The money that you pay initially to have an awning installed will actually pay off in the long run. Since it is blocking out direct sunlight, your home will generally be cooler, requiring less air conditioning. In the winter months, a window awning will decrease the amount of cold air that comes in. That means you are saving money on utility and energy bills all year round!

The Elements

Even though the sun can be really hot, it is normally preferred over the other elements. A window awning not only protects from the sun, it also protects from rain as well. If you have any plants under your windows, an awning will help protect them from receiving too much water in the event of heavy rainfall. Rain can also damage your window frames, so investing in an awning will protect them and give your windows a longer lifespan.

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