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The Unique Benefits of Backyard Aluminum Awnings

Posted on Thursday, May 5th, 2022 at 10:09 am.
carroll architectural shade backyard aluminum awnings

Backyard aluminum awnings can create a beautiful, protected outdoor space.

Spring and summer can bring some wonderful temperatures and sunshine-filled days to homeowners in Maryland. However, those same seasons can bring unexpected storms and heavy winds. If you want to spend more time outdoors, building a backyard patio aluminum awning can help you enjoy the excellent weather and avoid damage from the bad weather. If you are considering the value of backyard aluminum awnings, read on to learn more about the unique benefits this awning style can provide. 

Low Maintenance Storm Protection 

Aluminum awnings are the strongest awning variety, able to withstand strong summer storms without tearing or ripping. Backyard aluminum awnings from Carroll Architectural Shade are resistant to storms, rust, and termites and require very little maintenance. These awnings can withstand the rain, wind, and hail you encounter during the summer, as well as snowfall during the winter. Your patio will stay protected throughout the year with our durable aluminum awnings. 

Comfort All Year Long

In addition to allowing you to enjoy every summer day outside–without getting caught in the rain–backyard aluminum awnings can reduce the damage to your home. Your patio awnings can keep you cooler by shielding you from the sun while you’re outdoors. During the winter, awnings will provide insulation to keep you warm as you sip coffee or hot chocolate out on your beautiful patio. 

Additionally, if you don’t have a garage, aluminum awnings are an excellent solution for covering your driveway and protecting your vehicles. 

Save Money on Utilities 

Installing backyard aluminum awnings can reduce your utility costs by reflecting heat away from your home. Instead of the heat going right into your home and making your interior temperature rise, it is blocked by the awning. This means that you reduce the strain on your air conditioner and don’t have to spend as much to keep the air conditioning on at all times.

Enjoy Versatility and Customization 

Your new aluminum awning is available in dozens of styles and colors from Carroll Architectural Shade. You can customize your awning with our designers to create the look you want. Your awning can appear as an extension of your roof, or it can be a color that pairs well with other accents on your home. You can even deck out your awning with lights, a ceiling fan, or an enclosure to create your own outdoor paradise. 


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