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Tips for Maintaining Your Residential Awnings Like Brand New

Posted on Friday, May 19th, 2017 at 9:59 am.
residential awnings

Motorized or not, residential awnings can be a great boost to your home.

Residential awnings can be a great boost to your home. As we approach the end of May, temperatures are going to start going up as June approaches. The late spring tends to see a minor heat wave. So in this blog, we’ll give you some tips for maintaining your residential awnings so that they still appear to be brand new.

Opening Up Your Residential Awnings

You can open up your residential awnings with a hand crank if they are not motorized. One direction should indicate how it opens, and the other will indicate how to close it. Also, please note that the lateral arms on the awnings will never fully extend all the way out; if you try to force it, you can end up damaging your residential awnings instead.

Retracting Residential Awnings

When you have retractable residential awnings, they’re only meant as protection against the sun. Foul weather, such as high winds, rain, hail, or snow are not going to be deflected by a residential awning, retractable or not.

When winds are 20 miles per hour or more, you should keep your awnings retracted. Tree debris, such as loose twigs or leaves can get caught in the awnings, so be sure to remain vigilant against this happening. When it is time to retract the awning, don’t press the bar against the rolled-up fabric. The fabric should be kept on top of the roller, and not below it.

Maintaining the Framework

Residential awnings typically have an aluminum framework. Maintaining this framework is just as important as keeping the entire awning in good shape. While incredibly durable, and featuring joints that will lubricate themselves, sometimes problems will occur. Now that warmer weather is here, start by washing the framework with a hose and gently wiping it down with a soft cloth. When adding more lubricant, avoid getting it on the fabric, but focus on the end of the roller tube and the axle.

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