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Treat Mom to the Gift that Keeps on Giving: A Residential Awning

Posted on Thursday, May 5th, 2016 at 6:38 pm.
residential awning

Carroll Awning offers stylish residential awnings that will beautifully shade Mom’s outdoor nook

This Mother’s Day, think outside of the box and get creative with a gift for Mom that says far more than your annual greeting card. Residential awnings add beauty and style to your home, and can give your Mom the opportunity to enjoy outdoor living like never before. Residential awnings provide long-lasting benefits to homeowners. If you’re ready to become Mom’s new favorite, we can help. Let’s explore exactly how she might benefit from an expertly installed residential awning, and how you can make this a reality for her.

Mom Will Love Her Outdoor Hideaway

Residential awnings increase the architecture of any home and turn it into something special. They help with shading windows, protecting interior furniture (fading from the sun etc), and control inside temperature significantly. With a variety of different colors, patterns, and materials, Mom will love how creative she can get and will look forward to bonding outdoors with her family and friends. Made from the toughest material in order to withstand high heat, wintry weather, rainy days, and strong winds, a tasteful awning makes for a worthy investment.

Let her choose! A residential awning, if placed correctly, can be set up over a deck, patio, or balcony where she can add outdoor furniture and other furnishings. What better way to show her how much you love her then giving her the opportunity to create her own beautifully shaded outdoor space?

A Residential Awning Will Save Her Money

How much money has your Mom spent over the years to ensure that you have a better life? Why not put some extra money into her pockets as a thank you? Residential awnings provide optimal shade and reduce the need for artificial cooling methods indoors, which can significantly lower Mom’s energy bills. A residential awning can also protect Mom’s expensive deck or patio from harsh elements, minimizing maintenance costs. Give her the gift of a tasteful residential awning and cash this Mother’s Day.

Call Carroll Awning for the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

This Mother’s Day, give your mom something she can make her own. With a new residential awning, she’ll be spending quality time outdoors in a shaded spot ideal for sipping lemonade while reading her favorite book. Not to mention, she will revel in the opportunity to save money since residential awnings are a gift that keeps on giving – a worthy investment. We also provide a five-year warranty on fabric for mildew, rot, or fabric failure due to dimensional stability/color loss, so these awnings will really last you a long time.

The Carroll Awning Company provides the best quality, energy-efficient canopies, awnings, Sunesta shelters, and frames for any business, restaurant, home, or apartment. We design, create, and install custom-created canopies and awnings all year round!

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