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Which Retractable Screen is Right for You?

Posted on Friday, May 13th, 2016 at 11:52 pm.
This is the Sunroll retractable screen, ideal for controlling the sun and shade of your covered outdoor space.

This is the Sunroll retractable screen, ideal for controlling the sun and shade of your covered outdoor space.

Retractable screens and shade products can be incredibly beneficial to homeowners, especially during the hotter months ahead in Maryland. Without shade and protection, pesky bugs and high humidity can ruin the enjoyment of outdoor living. At Carroll Awning, we proudly install two types of Sunesta retractable screens – the Sentry and the Sunroll. Let’s talk about each model and help you decide which retractable screen is right for you.

The Sentry Retractable Screen

The Sentry retractable screen is a popular choice because it provides you with ultimate control of your space. The Sentry screen can be custom built up to 18’ wide with a 12’ drop – ideal for covering and shading your windows, doors, patio, or lanai. You can also choose a custom fabric that is best suited for the needs of your home and environment. Some of the greatest benefits of installing the Sentry retractable screen are as follows:

  • Bug screens that minimize the disturbance of pesky insects that thrive in the summer, such as mosquitoes
  • Solar mesh that provides ultimate sun protection while reducing glare and increasing energy fficiency
  • Opaque fabric choices that increase privacy
  • Automatic room brightness control
  • Clear vinyl windows that protect you from rain and cold temperatures without compromising your view
  • Durability that withstands any weather conditions

The Sunroll Retractable Screen

The Sunroll retractable screen is a high quality solar screen that provides you with ultimate vertical sun control of your covered outdoor space – ideal for shading your outdoor kitchen, sunroom, gazebo, windows, or pergola. The Sunroll screen can be custom built up to 24’ wide and 12’ tall and is available in motorized or manual options – offering affordability and versatility to homeowners. Some of the greatest benefits of installing the Sunroll retractable screens are as follows:

  • Bug and insect resistance for covered outdoor spaces
  • The traditional model can meet the needs of various spaces and is energy efficient
  • The drop bar and cables can be mounted on the wall or floor, whichever you prefer
  • The drop bar and rails with distance bracket mounting make it possible for ideal airflow between the fabric and mounting surface
  • Smartcase variation offers immense fabric protection
  • Smartcase with arms makes it possible to angle the solar screens fabric as you wish

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